While You Were Sleeping

Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players ever. He makes incredible shots look easy. Peyton Manning also makes his job look pretty easy. These guys are great players, but they didn't just become that way overnight. They put in the work. A lot of players at every level and in every sport aspire to be great but do they know what that means? Some players believe that greatness just comes to you. Some players just believe they are fine just the way they are. But for you to become great, you have to do the things greatness requires.

Perfecting your craft doesn't just happen overnight. It comes from showing up to the field or gym 2 or so hours early and working on the things that you do well and the things that you don't do well. It also entails staying later after the games and working on your skills. You have to constantly look for ways to perfect your craft.

And I know a lot of you are wondering where do these people have the time to do all of this stuff? Well, great athletes are constantly thinking of ways to get better and working towards greatness. In a way its like they are never satisfied. Peyton Manning embodies this because he is always studying. He studies photos of different coverages during the game, he comes out and works on his skills before the game and he studies film continuously at his home and at the Colts facility.

The thing that the great players have that average athletes don't have is the mentality that while your opponent is sleeping, you're working. Of course you have to have ability to go with your drive, but there's only so much your athletic ability can do for you.

So, while you're watching great players like Tom Brady shred defenses every week and Ray Allen drain jumper after jumper, realize that these guys have put in the work, the work required for greatness.

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  1. Have you heard Kobe’s sleep regiment? The guy takes like two naps for a couple hours and that’s it. Pretty crazy he can stay that refreshed with that sort of regiment. Everything else is hard work, and a little time with his daughters in the mornings.

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