The Unifying Power Of Sports

Yesterday I was talking to one of my friends. We were talking sports and just having fun. We talked about Randy Moss and T.O., college football and other things. We were truly having a good time talking sports. And the thing that was forgotten was that we were of different faiths and different races.

In a day and age where there's still racism and not respect of different religions and faiths, sports has the power to make you forget about any of that stuff. Sports have great power. I can honestly say that sports have helped introduced me to my best friends and helped me with my social skills. They can make the strongest man weak. They can make the biggest man feel small and the smallest man feel like a giant all at one time.

And in regards to sports fans, sports sparks an unbridled passion and intensity like we are out there, playing for our teams. Many times I felt so pumped I thought I could go out there and help my team. And I'm sure many fans have felt that way. Sports are the one unifying thing that makes us all one.

There is no bigger example of the unification of sports than the 9/11 tragedy and the display afterwards. America was gripped in fear after the events of the World Trade Towers tumbling down after the attacks. Sports helped heal us as a nation and as people by the unbridled displays that showed America as one nation. Not one religion. Not one race. But one nation.

Sports fans come in many different creeds and religions. We may represent different nations and different faiths but all of us together represent one nation, Sports Nation.

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  1. Good points, and we can also take for your points, that just becasue someone does not agree with us or like the same team as us, thats ok, lol. I use too and alot of people that are younger get way to worked up and mad when people disagree with them, its sports. it takes a death in your family to find this truth out!

    • My point is sports are not to be as serious as real life. its not life or death for us fans and people with all differant walks of life.

  2. Sports is a great median to connect between cultures and races. It brings us together every time. Perfect example would be the olyimpics

  3. scotty rachel

    that is a great post no1 could have said it better.I have got in2 heated arguments with ppl over sports.& ur rite no matter what race or religion u r a passion 4 sports knows no bounds.

  4. So true. I’ve had many great debates on Hall of Famers, overrated and underrated players, greatest teams and players of all time, and so on. It was always in good fun and it pulled my friends, people who would otherwise not have met, closer together.

  5. 7Boss1

    That’s why I love sports so much. It brings out the best in all of us in many different ways

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