The Everyday Mailbag-1/18/11

Another week, another round of questions America wants to know. Let's see what is on America's mind!!!

Q: Do you think the nfl has become scripted theater or is it the best team that wins?
-Iyisha H., Murfreesboro, TN

A: I think the NFL is just as competitive as it has ever been. The thing about this year is the so-called "great" teams have holes and some of the lesser teams were strong at the Achilles' Heel of the "great" team. Basically there was more parity and there's always a saying that should never be forgotten. "On any given Sunday any team can be beaten."

Q: Is trash talking good for the NFL or does it hurt the game ?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: Its not exactly good or bad. I think its been accepted more in the NFL, but as long as it doesn't get out of hand, I think it doesn't hurt the game. Now when people go above and beyond, that is when trash-talking hurts the game.

Q: What do think about Les Miles declining the Michigan head coach position? And what do you think of Brady Hoke, formerly of San Diego State, who did except the head coaching job even though he was Michigan's third choice.
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I think Les Miles made the best move. I don't think Miles would have been a good fit there and the move would have been a step down for him in his coaching career. I have also said all along that Brady Hoke would be the best fit there. Some of the best hires weren't the top choices were they are. Derek Dooley wasn't the top choice for UT and Al Golden wasn't the top choice for the University of Miami, but these guys are good coaches. I don't think Hoke will hold anything against the university and I think he will do a good job at Michigan.

Q: What u think about Cam Newton leaving for NFL Draft? I don't think he was ready for multiple reasons.
-Valency H., Antioch, TN

A: ‎​I think it was the right decision. He would have faced even more scrutiny at the college level and his value is as high as its going to get. May as well go ahead and go. Coming back to school can hurt ur stock because it gives evaluators more time to break him down before he gets paid. The biggest posterchildren for that are QB Jake Locker and QB Matt Leinhart. Leinhart slipped from the 1st pick if he would have came out his junior season to the 10th or 11th pick in the draft the next year. That move cost him a few million dollars. For Locker, he would have been the 1st overall pick last year, but now he may be a late 1st round pick or a 2nd round pick.

Q: Today's Derrick Rose vs. Allen Iverson at his prime......Who would prevail?
-Kareem H., Nashville,TN

A: Good one. But with his explosiveness, I would take Derrick Rose. Plus, Derrick Rose is bigger and faster than Iverson. He would bully him.

Q: Do you think Blake Griffin will be voted in as a All-Star? If so do you think he will be a starter ?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: I think Blake Griffin will be voted an All-Star but I do not think he will be voted a starter. Dirk and Tim Duncan will be the starters.

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  1. Something I picked up on was the trash talking question.

    I think trash talk is a big part of any sport, its your emotions coming out, you’re into the game, you don’t always mean what you say, but it is just part of competition. Some of the trash talk that doesn’t need to happen is the stuff said to the media. On the field or on the court, I think its all fair game.

    • On the field stuff isn’t all fair game. Just think if a player had a deceased relative or parent and the trash talk that this player hears includes words talking about his deceased parent. Is that fair game? I don’t think it is and I bet you don’t think it is too.

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