The Comedy All-Stars

When you think of Hawaii, you think of vacations. You think of relaxation. You think of football in late January? This Sunday, all of the nation will witness or turn off one of the worst events in sports history, the NFL's Pro Bowl.

The current format of the Pro Bowl as we see it now started in 1971. Back then players played in this game and didn't look for any ways out. There were no things that were off limits as well. Any and every offensive and defensive strategy was used. Fast forward to this year. The defenses cannot blitz, can only play certain coverages and the offense can only play a very plain setup. Is it just me or does that sound very boring.

The other thing that irks me about the Pro Bowl is that all these players that make it always end up asking out of the game due to an injury. So, in effect, the players the fans vote in aren't even playing in the game. That ought to tell you right there that this game really doesn't mean a whole lot to the players and that they would rather not be bothered. So, why should we as fans even care about it then?

The NFL should just get rid of its all-star game altogether. Its by far the worst all-star game of any of the three major sports. Players don't tackle anyone for fear of getting hurt and basically the Pro Bowl looks like a glorified two-hand touch game where offenses go crazy on the scoreboard. The only thing that happens that I like is the endzone celebrations that the NFL doesn't allow in the regular and post-season games. Now who wants to watch some football like that? Definitely not me. I think I would rather go to the dentist and have a couple root canals over watching the Pro Bowl. I wonder can the player's union or the owners put getting rid of the Pro Bowl in their Collective Bargaining Agreement talks.

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  1. James Rutherford

    That is so true,I stopped watching the so called pro bowl a couple of years ago because of your points exactly,the players don’t won’t to play the defense is non existing and the offense has all day to complete passes and that they do a lot of
    passing to so call entertain the fans,which makes for ridiculous scores by the pro bowlers(in my sarcastic voice)or the second best choice to the Pro Bowl,which makes the game not worth watching.

    • I’m in favor of the removal of the Pro Bowl or as I call it, The Comedy All-Star Jam.

  2. Yea completely agree. I don’t think I’ve ever watched more than a couple minutes here and there of the pro bowl. Football is a game built on hitting and intensity. At least in the other sports they could put in some effort on defence if they wanted to, but in football you cannot play the same at all. You’re 100% right.

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  4. Unfortunately its how I feel about all the All-Star games. Even though baseball tried to make it mean something, as long as fans can vote players like Yao Ming in, I don’t want to watch it. I want players to care about it, and deserve it. Let the coaches decide.

    • Even if they let the coaches decide, then the fans would be watching some players that they don’t want to see. I think the best solution for the NFL is to get rid of the Pro Bowl and as far as the NBA All-star Game, I stopped watching that a LONG time ago. No use in it anymore either.

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