The Big East: Are They A Disappointment?

The Big East set a record this year by getting eleven teams into the NCAA basketball tournament. A lot of supporters of the Big East were saying that they could dominate the tournament. Well, I guess they overestimated the Big East..

Connecticut and Marquette will be the representatives of the Big East in the Sweet Sixteen. But, for the Big East to only get two teams in the Sweet Sixteen is a disappointment for them. And what's further disappointment is that the two teams that made it to the Sweet 16 beat a Big East foe to get there. Maybe we all need to look a little bit deeper into what exactly is the Big East. Maybe the Big East needs a closer examination.

The new Big East was put together a few years back and was considered a league that was put together for the sole purpose of basketball domination. But what has this plan of domination produced? It hasn't produced the championship success that was expected since becoming this supposed super-conference. The thing I've noticed about this conference is that there are always a bunch of good teams that beat up on each other all year, but never do they seem to have an elite team. After playing all these games against each other, you would think these teams would be prepared for the tournament. Well, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame showed us all that over-achieving in the Big East doesn't necessarily mean anything at all. Pittsburgh was beaten by a Butler team that just refused to die and Notre Dame was blown out by defensive-minded Florida State team.

The facts that lay out there now is that the Big East is a strong regular season league. But, that's not what its about. Its all about the post-season. Maybe the Big East needs to go back to the drawing board because they have not been able to finish when it comes to winning time. I wouldn't be surprised if none of the Big East teams make it to the Elite 8, let alone the Final Four.

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  1. Herman P

    They have been a major let down this year; not to mention they murdered my bracket along with everyone elses. RIP to the fallen brackets out there thanks to the not so “Big East” teams

    • They definitely haven’t handled their business in crunch time.

  2. Carlos

    The Big East has been a disappointment. I do think they have some pretty good teams, but I think the conference struggles with scoring the ball. Teams like Pitt are built on defense but the don’t score the ball w/ ease. That’s why teams ate able to keep the games close and with a close game anything can happen. And that anything seems to be losses for the Big East schools. Once the Big East gets some offensive minded teams along w/ defense I think they will start to perform better in the tournament.

  3. I believe the Big East is just an example of what college basketball has become, mainly due to the “one and done” players…Its average…This year especially ANY team can beat ANY team on any night. One and done players not only make college basketball worse they also hurt the NBA. Look at the ratings for NBA since the one and done, and skipping high school players. They have fallen. The Big East is just an example of slightly above average teams, getting beat by average teams. NBA and College Basketball would benefit from some sort of age limit before entering the NBA. If they can’t play college ball or don’t want to. Go play in Europe or D-league.

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