NFC East Preview

Well, I did save what I think is the best division in the NFC for last. Well, here we go with the rundown of the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys

Well, a lot of people are jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon. The Cowboys return all their key pieces from last year. In the backfield, you have the three-headed rushing attack of Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tarshard Choice. This should make for a fresh Marion Barber down the stretch to close games, but each running back is a playmaker. At the receiver position, the Cowboys welcome in a new weapon in Dez Bryant. He should be a good addition to a receiving core that is looking for a receiver opposite of Miles Austin. I think that Roy Williams got lucky that Bryant got hurt in the training camp. His playing time could reduce significantly if he does not produce, as I think the lineup at receiver should be Austin and Bryant on the outside with Patrick Crayton in the slot and Roy Williams as the odd man out. But, I'm not the coach, so I don't make these decisions. Also, u must account for Jason Witten. He is the most important piece on the offense, as he is Tony Romo's security blanket. I look for Romo to continue his progress from last year.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Cowboys are pretty good. On the defensive line, Jay Ratliff is the guy to keep your eye on this year, but the main force on this team is the linebackers, and in particular DeMarcus Ware. As he goes, so goes the defense. In the secondary, the Cowboys are ok, but not spectacular. I personally think that Terrance Newman as your best corner doesn't bode well, but maybe the Cowboys know something I don't know. The secondary is the weak link of the defense.

Where do we start with the special teams? The Cowboys had the worst kicking in the NFL last year. This also will be an Achilles' heel for the Cowboys. Other than that, the Cowboys should be solid in the return game with Patrick Crayton.

New York Giants

The New York Giants on offense will need to have a renewed focus on the running game this year. The tandem of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs played pretty banged up last year, so the start of a new year should bring a return to form for these two. At the quarterback position,Eli should be pretty steady in the pocket and should be aided by the running game. Eli has plenty of toys to play with in his receiving corps. The trio of Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith and Mario Manningham will provide explosiveness as well as consistency. Also, look for Kevin Boss to continue to be Eli Manning's security blanket.

On defense, the Giants post the deepest core of pass rushers in the NFL. With Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora leading the charge, the front four should be vicious. In the linebacking core, the Giants welcomed in Keith Bullock this year. With Bullock to go along with Goff and Michael Boley, the Giants have a bery athletic starting trio. In the secondary, the Giant may have the best secondary. The Giants go three deep at cornerback with Tyrelle Thomas, Aaron Ross and Corey Webster. The Giants also boast a young and ultra-talented safety core with Kenny Phillips and newly aquired Antrel Rolle. The Giants also brought in Deon Grant as insurance just in case Kenny Phillips isn't ready to go or has a setback with his knee. The Giants defense will be the most feared defense in this division.

On special teams, the Giants will need more consistent kicking and also a spark in the return game.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles start this year with a new quarterback in Kevin Kolb. is it just me or do u already hear Eagles fans screaming for Vick to come in the game already. At the running back position, LeSean McCoy is the new Brian Westbrook with more size. He should do even more this year and will be depended on to help ease Kolb in, or try at least. At the receiver position, the Eagles are very talented with the combination of Maclin and Jackson. Kevin Curtis is the lone proven veteran presence on the offense and he will be leaned on to guide these young guys. Brent Celek will also be another weapon that will be depended on to help Kolb. The Eagles will be young on offense, but they could be exciting if they can put it all together. It all depends on Kolb.

On the defense, the Eagles are led by the playmaking skills of Trent Cole on the defensive line. The Eagles must get a consistent compliment to Cole. In the linebacking core, the return of Stewart Bradley and the pickup of Ernie Sims have some thinking that the Eagles will be strong here. I think that the Eagles have so work to do at this position. In the secondary, the Eagles have their bellcow in Asante Samuel. Macho Harris should be better this year in his second full year of playing safety. Other than these two, the Eagles need another cornerback to step up because they traded Sheldon Brown to the Browns.

On special teams, the Eagles will continue to be special. David Akers is still a very good kicker and the return ability of DeSean Jackson is a big bonus and weapon.

Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins should be a pretty interesting team this year. The trade of Jason Campbell to the Raiders and the trade for Donovan McNabb were good moves. Donovan will bring exactly what Shanahan needs to the offense, professionalism and big-play ability. In the backfield, I thought the Redskins were collecting a running back nursery home in the off-season. The Redskins picked up Larry Johnson, Brian Westbook and Willie Parker to go along with their aging running back Clinton Portis. I personally think they should have drafted a back to eventually be Portis' replacement, but maybe Shanahan knows something I don't know. Either way, the jury is out on the running back position in DC. At the receiver position, the Redskins made a great move in getting rid of dead weight in Antwaan Randle-El. This move clears the way for young guys like Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas to show what they can do. Santana Moss is still the best receiver, but he is now the veteran presence and voice for this young receiving core. Chris Cooley should be more utilized in the Shanahan's offense this year.

On the defense, the Redskins are switching to a 3-4 defense. The defensive line depends on one person and one person alone, Albert Haynesworth. As he goes, so goes the defensive line. In the linebacking core, London Fletcher is still getting it done. Hopefully the veteran can be the voice for this defense and lead them on and off the field. Rocky McIntosh will also be another guy in the linebacking core that will be depended on to make plays. In the secondary, Carlos Rogers has to step up and be the guy that they need him to be, a shutdown corner. At the safety position, Chris Hortin should still be the ball-hawking safety that he was last year.

On special teams, the Redskins are pretty average here. They really need Devin Thomas to step up in the return game this year.

Division Winner: New York Giants
Best Rookie: Jason Pierre Paul
Division MVP: Tony Romo

2 Responses

  1. Ryan Jones

    well, Washington doesnt have brian westbrook…we never signed him…I agree about McNabb, but Im disappointed you didnt address our revamped O-Line….we got Artis Hicks, and Jammal Willaims from New Orleans..we also have the Silverback in Trent Williams-all key upgrades to the line. With good protection for McNabb, and the weapons we have, I look for the Skins offense to be more explosive than it has been in years.

    • The offensive line is not going to be that great. Atris Hicks isn’t what u would consider a great pickup and we will see what becomes of Trent Williams.
      As far as Brian Westbrook, even if he wasn’t added, you all still habe the running back nursing home. I don’t think the offense will be as explosive as you think. I believe that it will not be you all’s year this year. A few pieces are still misssing.
      On the defensive side, there is much work to be done. I just think there are too many things that the Redskins have to overcome this year in order for them to reach the top of the NFC East and the playoffs. I do think that given a year to implement his system and a good off-season next year, the Redskins will be back.

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