More Than One Man

Last night G Jimmer Fredette scored 43 points while leading the numer 9 ranked BYU Cougars to a 71-58 win over previously undefeated and number 4 ranked San Diego State Aztecs. A lot of the nation is just now hearing about BYU and when they hear about BYU, they only speak of Fredette, but this team just isn't just a one-man show.

Fredette averages 27.4 points per game and 4.2 assists per game. Sure, he gets all the headlines, but the team still has to function as just that, a team. Along with Fredette, the Cougars also have two more guys averaging double-figures in F Brandon Davies ( 11.4 points/game ) and G Jackson Emery ( 12.6 points/game ). With these two guys producing, Fredette is allowed more room to operate on the court.

Another thing that hasn't been mentioned about the Cougars is that they have a couple inside options. Obviously the inside players aren't going to get as many touches as Fredette does, but when given opportunities, Davies and Chris Collinsworth can produce. And when they do, this Cougar squad becomes that much tougher.

The Cougars' win last night was pretty dominant and Fredette was amazing. With the parts this team has, more people need to pay attention because this team could be a huge factor when March Madness starts.

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  1. James Rutherford

    I’m still not all that impressed with BYU on the national picture,honestly who have they really played. San Diego was overrated, I knew they would fall as soon as they meet real competition.

    • They beat number 24 Arizona as well. But as far as being overrated, you can only play who’s listed on the schedule and that goes for every team in NCAA basketball. Eventually either the BYU Cougars will prove themselves or they will fall. I think they will prove themselves, but only time will tell.

  2. I can’t say because I don’t get much college basketball out here. But good stuff, I’d like to watch em play sometime, but I have a feeling if Fredette didn’t demand so much attention then the other guys would have more trouble scoring.

    • I think the Cougars probably would have a tougher time scoring without the attention that Fredette gets, but who’s to say that Davies and Emery would not produce more with increased touches?

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