Its Time For A Societal Change

Number 1 recruit and star DE Jadeveon Clowney decided today he will be attending college at the University of South Carolina. The announcement was televised on ESPN. Am I the only one that thinks these college announcements are going a little too far?

Where a person went to college used to be a thing that was a great accomplishment as well as a joyous occasion. Now, it seems like there is more of a show than a decision. The focus needs to go back more to the idea of a young person attending college to develop and less on the athletic exploits of that person. We as a society are growing more and more into the era where the brains or thoughts of the accomplishment of college seems like they are just speed bumps or things that are holding people back from future success.

The media is mostly to blame. This monster isn't going to calm down anytime soon. The only way these things calm down are when we as a society start accentuating the mental, societal and collegiate accomplishments in the classroom more than the athletic exploits of a young man or woman. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen anytime soon, but parents must start to instill more of the development of a whole person instead of just developing the athletic abilities of their child. That's how change is made in America.

Instead of trying to groom the next Peyton Manning, LeBron James or Candace Parker, we as a society need to help our kids understand that there's nothing wrong with using your athletic ability to get you into college to become a doctor, a lawyer or something like that. Being a professional athlete shouldn't be the top goal. Being a productive member of society should be. As a kid growing up, I thought I needed to be that top athlete and make it into the pros to be successful. But as a grew older and wiser I began to understand what my dad told me about athletics. My dad used to tell me that my athletic ability is a vehicle you can use to get to college and be successful and get a degree. And because of that advice, I'm forever grateful because it wasn't the end of the world when I didn't make it to the pros because I was afforded the opportunity to get a degree and set a foundation for future success. More advice like my dad gave me should be passed on more in society.

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  1. Carlos

    I agree with your post. The media started this whole fiasco and now the recruits and parents are following the lead. Especially, in situation such as Clowney’s. National signing day was a couple of weeks ago and he makes his decision after to garner more attention to himself. I am pretty sure he knew which college he was going to attend months ago. But the networks and the families are getting exactly what they want. I do not see an end to this in the near future.

  2. It’s just like President Obama said in this year’s State of The Union, we need to focus on who won the Science Fair just like we need to know who’s in the Super Bowl. Parents of talented athletes seem to only have dollar signs in their eyes (i.e. Cecil Newton) and not for their kid’s future. I have told my boyfriend many times that when we get married and have babies, that their education is going to be prime objective # 1 and if they are athletically talented, they are going to be the type of student-athlete that puts the ACADEMICS FIRST. It’s strictly a parenting issue. As far as these announcements, it’s a type of notoriety that is based on how much the NCAA likes to make money. You see all of the NCAA licenced gear that the recruit will be wearing, they know as well as the fan that they are the next great hope for a championship, which only propels them further into stardom, it’s what they are looking for, to be rich and famous, and announcements like this on ESPN are only the beginning. They want to be a famous athlete, not a college student. It pisses this college student off.

    • It all starts in the home. You’re correct. A productive member of society is more important than being a superstar athlete.

  3. Valency

    What an AWESOME father we have….

  4. This all began with free-agency, which started the explosion of 7fig contracts, then the gradual increase of the rookie payscale beginning with #1 pick in the draft…the media expounds upon what we as the public want to SEE, as i wrote in my blog. It’s all about big money and college is just the next step to getting it. I learned 3 things from Mr Clowney: 1) His parental guidance system has boosted his ego to Mt Everest proportions by allowing this to occur 2 weeks after everyone else 2) This ego expounds itself to Nth degree as he picked a school where he could showcase HIS talents for a couple years and has no concern of winning a National Title WITH his team (spurnned Bama cuz he wouldnt play for a couple years) 3) UNLESS he changes this attitude and humbles himself to become coachable, he will never be relevant in college football much less forget the next level NFL

    • I don’t know what kind of attitude he has, that’s yet to be determined, but he will be relevant at the college level because of his athleticism and talent. The thing I’m talking about with him is that he doesn’t sound like he has a backup plan and its a shame.

      • Better yet, his 1st plan should be to get an education and be a productive member of society and that starts at home.

  5. Your totally right because all he’s been trained to do is think prosports, and not be prepared to be like the millions that don’t make it. But actions show what the heart speaks and right now he thinks he rules the world

    • Just hearing him speak, I don’t think he has that type of attitude, but only time will tell.

  6. But I question this, who pushes their child to succeed as a doctor and if they dont make it to say, John Hopkins, they have a backup plan in some other field? Who goes to a University for a Major in Communications and if they dont make it to work for a major network has a “backup plan” as pastry chef? So while people complain that student athletes ONLY use college for sports, dont those in the academic fields ONLY use college for science, psychology, IT, computers, etc etc whatever for field they are trying to get into?

    • The thing I’m saying is push your kid to be a productive member of society first and foremost. That’s my point.

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