Its A Dirty Game

I'm sure a lot of you all have heard about Josh Luchs by now. He is the agent who basically said he paid players and actually put his story in Sports Illustrated. This guy says there is nothing in it for him, but I don't believe him.

Luchs speaks of players he gave money to from 1990-1997. To me, I'm not sure what his angle is, but it seems like he had a bad experience or something happened and he decided to rat out everyone. Luchs is just a fraction of what is wrong with collegiate athletics. These agents pry on kids like piranha. They find out their situations and they find ways to make themselves visible to these students.

But, the students aren't getting off the hook that easy either. The students know the rules. I think too many times we give a pass to them because they are kids. The kids need to be more responsible in their actions as well.

Ultimately, this issue speaks to the corruption that is collegiate athletics. In the end, there really is no clear result or solution to this issue. Luchs is speaking on this issue. He is not speaking to help, he is speaking for greed. After all, he is getting paid for the article and he is also getting publicity. The main thing is greed. Greed has ruined college sports and the reality is collegiate sports will never be clean again.

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  1. James Rutherford

    Yep its all about the money,his business must not be doing very well.The fact of the matter is that he has done is share of dirt,probably talking these young minds into excepting money and now he is staving them in back.LOWDOWN.

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