Is This The Year?

Cubs 3B Aramis Ramirez and P Carlos Silva weren't having the greatest game on Wednesday. In fact, they were stinking up the joint. The Cubs had three errors in route to giving up nine runs very early in the game. But, the issues didn't stop on the field. Once the two were in the dugout, they begin to get into an altercation. Some people wondered where the punishment was for these two guys because neither was punished. Cubs manager Mike Quade said it best when he summed up the fight as just being two competitors who are tired of losing. He also said he was actually happy to see someone get upset at their play. Some may think Quade was out of line, but I think he said exactly what needed to be said.

The Cubs have been called the Lovable Losers for as long as I can remember. But, there's only so long that having this title can be endearing to fans. I was happy to see the players get into an altercation because they could just be happy with the tag that has stuck with them for a long time. Maybe this will light a fire under them. Only time will tell. They spent enough money to be successful. They paid 1B Carlos Pena $10 million to be the big stick in their lineup and they traded to get P Matt Garza this season as well.

In Chicagoland, this season could be the perfect storm. The Reds are not expected to be the same team as last year, the Brewers are talented but never live up to expectations, the Cardinals having pitching issues and the Pirates, well, they are the Pirates. If they don't win the division and make some noise this year, then there's no telling when they will. Maybe I will join the long list of people who watched baseball and saw one of the most storied franchises in baseball never win a title during my lifespan.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cubbies pull one out but every year something seems to go wrong so who knows lol

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