Can You Be A Difference-Maker?

Today is a tremendous day in history. We observe the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr today. He was one of the best leaders this country has ever seen. I'm sure some don't understand his impact, but I'm sure a lot do. I'm sure thankful for him having graced us with his presence on this Earth.

But today isn't just a holiday folks. I'm not going to treat it that way. Today is a day to take time and delve into what Mr. King Jr was all about. If you haven't visited the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN, I believe you need to. Nothing is more educational than a walk thru that museum. You get a feel of what all he went thru and the actual spot where King Jr was shot is memorialized. I visited this museum in 2010 with the AAU basketball team I was coaching at that time. That visit was very tremendous and emotional for me.

From that visit and from Martin Luther King, Jr, I learned that we all can make an impact in changing the way society is. Never underestimate the power that you have. One statement or one action that you make could affect many. Like Martin Luther King Jr did, we must stand for what we believe in and fight for what we think is right. That's how you make a difference in America.

I want everyone to think of what Martin Luther King, Jr meant to you and what kind of effect he had on your life, whether you were alive when he was here or have heard about him growing up all these years. I want you all to really examine his life, his actions and his mission. What will you take from his mission and what can you do today to help his mission succeed? What will you take from what he did? What difference will you make in the world?

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  1. Martin Luther King Junior is truly a difference maker. If it weren’t for his bravery, courage, and perseverence, then America would not have equal rights and opportunities. Thanks to MLK for helping to make America the country it is today.

  2. Lee Love

    I’m glad your getting the word out because there are many in the new generation that really don’t know the struggles people of Dr.Kings generation went through so they can enjoy the freedoms they have today. Somebody had to pay the price…he did and we are better for it.

  3. I meant to comment yesterday, great post. MLK Jr. was one of, if not the most important figure in world history that showed one thing. That thing was that one man, one human being, can do a big thing far bigger than themselves. Thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., African-Americans, and even people of other races and ethnicities have an more equal chance, already in most countries and getting there in others. He’s a role model for me, someone everyone, everywhere, should look up to.

  4. Hello there, Stumbled across your site and wanted to say that this is great that your writing about MLK. People often forget what he did for America… most of the things we have so much liberty to do nowadays is all because of him. The man is remarkable, especially during those difficult times where freedom was unheard of.

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