A Woman’s Love

Today is Labor Day in America and a lot of people are off. But today is also a very special day in my life as well. On this day, exactly one year ago, I married my wife. Yes, today is my anniversary.

Me and Tiffany met by chance when I was not even looking for someone to be with. I was hurting inside from some previous relationships and she was just out and about. Once I met Tiffany, it seemed like my rainy days turned to sunshine and my life got an upgrade. She is a constant source of support for me in everything that I do. Without her, a lot of the things that I'm doing now would not have been here.

Just to give you an example of the effect she's had on me, let me give a story about how her constant support, love and encouragement helped me. Me and Tiffany were driving back from Georgia one weekend in July 2010. I was thinking that I need to write about sports, but I was nervous and did not think that people would be receptive to what I was writing. Tiffany told me that day that she felt that I could do it and that I had something that people wanted to hear. She believed in me and exuded confidence that I could do it. Once I got home, I began to create my blog and that was the beginning of The Everyday Man's Sports Blog.

You see, beside every strong man is a strong, supporting woman. Without Tiffany with me, there would probably be no Everyday Man's Sports Blog and I probably wouldn't be who I am today. She has truly impacted my life with her constant love, support and confidence in me and I'm truly thankful. Happy Anniversary Baby! I Love You!

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  1. Lee Love

    First of congratulations to you.I am celebrating my anniversary today too. My wife and I met when I was 13 and she was 10 at that time there was a spark I can’t explain. We got married very young and tried to figure it out. It’s been 39 years and we’re still figuring out things and it’s been and remains one hell of a wonderful ride.You ae right in your writing that a womens love will keep you going. It’s like sports there’s no I in team and when you find a good partner hold on and make it work together.

  2. Congratulations MP! Look forward to many more anniversaries to come!

  3. Congrats Mike and Tiffany, great story and, it sounds like she is your best friend and thats when marriage is the best when you marry your best friend.

  4. Camille H.

    Congrats on celebrating your first anniversary! Normally you find love when you’re not even looking and it always works better. Enjoy your beautiful day together.

  5. 7Boss1

    I’m happy for the two of you and I wish you nothing but success and happiness. Happy Anniversary

    • Thanks to everyone who wished me and my wife a happy anniversary!

  6. Tiffany Patton

    Thanks everyone! Thanks for the blog post baby!

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