A Passion For Writing

Writing is the last thing I thought I would be doing. As a kid growing up, I despised English class and writing. I was a student-athlete that was focused on either becoming a pro athlete or becoming a sports agent. English seemed like my stumbling block. Things like similes, metaphors and creative writing were things that I just wasn't into.

Fast forward to July 2010. After many times avoiding the call, I decided to start writing about sports. Sports has always been one of my passions in life since I was a young kid. I began to immerse myself more and more into writing, finding more and more joy in spreading the knowledge of sports to everyone.

When I began to meet people on Twitter and Facebook across the country, I started to learn more about the power of words and the power of the human voice. The human voice is one of the most powerful things in this world. It can motivate, captivate and aggravate depending on what you're trying to do. Another big thing that I learned is that I can affect a lot of people and educate and bring a voice to the everyday man, which I am.

Around May of this year, I encountered some men and women who shared the same vision that I had and also had a huge passion for sports. We began to converse via Twitter during the NBA playoffs. We would talk thru all the games and not only would we talk about the games, we would all blog about them too. The crew I speak of is now known to all as The Sports Blog Movement. I will say that this crew of special individuals has pushed me to become a better writer and also to use my knowledge to help other people grow in their writing as well. Now don't get it confused. There is a base crew of the Sports Blog Movement, but we are all bloggers who are there to help each other, and even new bloggers, create and succeed.

While me and the crew were getting started and creating our own vision, I was contacted by a friend about an opportunity in radio. She informed me that I would need to contact a man who would offer me a great opportunity. After a few e-mails, me and the producer of this new show, Mr. Sedgewick Lloyd, met to discuss the show. The show fit the exact vision of my blog, except it was on radio. And the thing is, he had read my writing and thought I would be perfect to be the writer for his new and exciting sports show. A spark was lit and the passion was born for me to be the writer for The League Sports Talk Show. Me, combined with Alphonso "Vandy Al" Harvey and Dewayne "Kingfish" King and of course Sedgewick Lloyd aim to bring the local and everyday person into the wide world of sports by featuring the voice of the everyday man.

I wrote all this to tell you that writing is powerful. Writing became a passion that I never knew I had. Who would have known those similes and metaphors that I learned in English classes would turn into comparisons of players, sports events and issues in sports. Writing is a powerful tool and hopefully I can continue to use it to make some change in this world.

By the way, check out me and my crew, the Sports Blog Movement at our website, www.sportsblogmovement.com and "like" Sports Blog Movement on Facebook. Also, come check out Vandy Al and Kingfish as The League Sports Talk Show makes it debut on 880 AM in Nashville on Saturday from 2pm-3pm. Follow us on Twitter(@TheLeagueTalk) and go "like" The League Sports Talk Show on Facebook as well.

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  1. Camille

    Wow. I’m amazed at how far it seems that you’ve come with your writing and throughout this whole process! I wish you nothing but success and I know that this radio show is another step towards your true potential. Keep sharing your passion and thoughts about sports with us–you’re knowledgable. Keep writing–you’re very talented.

    • Thank you for the compliments! Hopefully you are enjoying the movement and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the radio station soon in your area!

  2. 7Boss1

    Thanks to you and SBM I’ve been working towards stepping up my sports game. Thanks for the knowledge and the motivation. Congrats on all the success you will have always have my full support

  3. Congrats Bro!!! steppin up, I like it!

  4. Jim Poppe

    Now that the judge has ignored the recommendation of the probation department of the court, ignored Dave Bing’s heart felt request for lenience, and sentenced Jalen Rose to 20 days in jail for his reckless and dangerous behavior, what do you think of Jalen? Does he deserve jail time? Should he be viewed as a role model? Does this effect his credibility as a sportscaster and film maker?

  5. Good work Mike, keep it up. And no doubt I’ll check out that radio show. Same here I coasted through High School and did not care about grades at all, Its amazing what growing up does, lol.

    • Trust me Bobby. I didn’t coast through all of school. Just despised English class. I cared about my grades.

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