We’re About To Find Out What Ronda Rousey Is Really About

The two UFC fighters are now officially confirmed as a couple. But what challenges does this relationship pose to Rousey? ( photo courtesy of Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

The two UFC fighters are now officially confirmed as a couple. But what challenges does this relationship pose to Rousey? ( photo courtesy of Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Ronda Rousey is one name that draws a lot of attention. She is one of the most popular fighters in UFC male or female. Her brand of domination inside the ring has captivated men and women all over the world. And outside the ring, it seems her popularity is just as high. She has been featured in movies along with having features on television. She is essentially carrying Dana White’s corporation on her shoulders while trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood. But one other thing that has made her popular is her shots at Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The often-criticized boxer seems to be one of the main people that she is focused on when the camera is in front of her. The main thing she does each and every time is talk about the domestic violence past and seemingly challenge him through the media. And most times, Floyd ignores her. But when he does respond from time to time, it seems like Rousey is right there ready for a comeback. Floyd is not the most likeable guy, but it seems like Rousey goes out of her way to point out things that happened in his personal life. And for her fans, they love that she stands up for domestic violence and challenges the biggest star in the world of boxing.

Rousey, over time, has gained fans for her comments at Floyd and she knows it. But does she really detest domestic violence as much as she makes everyone believe? Recently, it was confirmed that Rousey is now dating UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. The two have had pictures taken of them by paparazzi and finally came out to everyone that they were together. But let’s look a little further into the guy she is dating. Travis Browne is a mammoth guy, standing at 6’7” and weighing in at 254 pounds. He has done well and has garnered many big fights in the UFC. But he also gained some attention for something that he was involved in outside the UFC. In July 2015, Browne’s estranged wife, Erin, posted photos on Instagram showing multiple bruises on her body allegedly caused by Browne. And as a result of the bruises, Browne was removed from UFC International Fight Week events pending the investigation. In August 2015, he was reinstated when the UFC’s independent investigation found “inconclusive evidence” in the inquiry. But Browne is not out of the woods just yet, as his estranged wife is going to press charges with the police since she feel she has no other choice. To many, the decision by the UFC proves that he was innocent. But what many have to understand is this was not a police investigation. And since it is headed that way, it could get worse before it gets better for Browne.

Things could not only get interesting for Browne, but for Rousey. For a long time, Rousey has taken her shots at Floyd for his domestic violence past. She seemingly goes out of her way to mention him in instances where a camera is around. And on a few occasions, it seems as if she is calling Floyd out to fight her. So what would happen if this case does indeed land in court and Browne is proven to indeed have put the bruises on his estranged wife? Will Rousey stand up for him or will she leave Browne alone? If she is to leave if the claims are true, then some can chalk this one up to being blind to the situation. But if she decides to stay, then her character will be in question. No longer will she be looked at as a woman who stands up for domestic violence victims but she will be looked at by many of her supporters as a hypocrite. And not only would she be looked at as a hypocrite, but a person who was using Floyd to advance her own career. Floyd, whether folks like him or not, is a magnet for attention and that draws people in. Her career in UFC would not be over, as it is not her that was involved in this domestic violence incident. But her popularity among her fans would definitely take a hit because of their perception of her. And with her currently trying to make an even bigger splash in Hollywood, this situation could bring down the demand to see her.

In the end, the decision is up to Rousey and what she wants to do. After all, it is her personal life. But in this situation, she is definitely placing her skyrocketing fame in harm’s way. Is she really standing up for domestic violence victims when she speaks against Floyd Mayweather or is she just taking advantage of an opportunity? We should know our answer soon based on her boyfriend’s situation. And for her, it could have a bad ending.

In case you have not seen the pictures in question from Erica, here they are:

(Photo courtesy of www.bloodyelbow.com)

(Photo courtesy of www.bloodyelbow.com)

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    I totally agree with you her career could be in some serious trouble should things get out of hand and by the looks of the pictures of his wife things got out of hand before and that’s not good. I certainly hope she doesn’t get in too deep before any trouble starts.

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