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Baker Mayfield is the key to the Browns’ season

The Cleveland Browns are one of the most hyped teams this offseason. No one probably ever thought they would hear the Browns and preseason hype posted together ever, but there is bigtime expectations right now in Cleveland. And after the acquisitions they made this offseason, including the big trade for Giants wide receiver...

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The Giant Issue Of New York’s Offensive Line

The NFC East was run by the Dallas Cowboys last season and that surely did not make fans of the other squads in that division feel good. The New York Giants especially did not feel good as they thought they may have been making a playoff run only to see it end in the Wildcard...
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Top Corners Exposed: Josh Norman

Josh Norman literally came out of nowhere to rise where he is today. Heading to college, he walked on to the team at Coastal Carolina. And over time, he made a name for himself there. He went from being a walk-on to the team to ending his career as an All-American at the FCS level...
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