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Baker Mayfield is the key to the Browns’ season

The Cleveland Browns are one of the most hyped teams this offseason. No one probably ever thought they would hear the Browns and preseason hype posted together ever, but there is bigtime expectations right now in Cleveland. And after the acquisitions they made this offseason, including the big trade for Giants wide receiver...

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Kyler Murray as a NFL quarterback

Would he or wouldn't he? That was the question put out there for Kyler Murray during the entire season. After being drafted in the first round by the Oakland Athletics in the 2018 MLB Draft, Murray signed a deal with the Athletics that included a $1.5 million signing bonus when he signed. At that point,...
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There’s Some Issues With Baker Mayfield

After the year Baker Mayfield had last season, many thought he was a lock to leave for the NFL. Instead of leaving though, he made the decision to come back to school for his senior season and he has done nothing but benefit from that. First, he was able to lead the Sooners to the...
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