Why I Cheer?

This is my letter to my team.

Dear 49ers,
I'm a fan that starves for my team to win. I always try and hope for the best, but when are you going to give me hope back? I cheered when we were down big in games. I stood by your side when no one was thinking about us. I must say I get upset and say things crazily, but I do so because I want my team to win.

I am a true 49ers fan. I will stay one until the day I pass away. I began to like the 49ers ever since I saw Jerry Rice dawn the number 80 jersey. I defended TO when everyone thought he was a nuisance and a idiot in San Fran. I do rip you when I'm mad. I just do it because I want the best for you. I want you to win the NFC West. I want you to win the big games.

I guess I will continue to do so. Some days I ask myself: " Why am I still a fan?". Then, I remember, Jerry Rice catching a great pass from Joe Montana. I remember the big play in the playoffs where Steve Young led us back and threw a last second TD pass to TO. I remember Jeff Garcia leading us back against the Giants in the playoffs when we were really behind the 8 ball.

In closing, I love the 49ers. I hope for the best. I will keep believing in you, but more progress has to be made so that we can return to the best.

Niners Fan 4 Life

2 Responses

  1. Kareem Howard

    Funny story. When I was 12, my mother bought me a 49ers jersey and hat to match. Now mind you that I’m from N.Y., plus it was the year that the Giants beat the 49ers in the NFC championship to reach the Super Bowl and defeat the Buffalo Bills. Boy the Hell I got after that NFC game. Oh well…..

  2. James Rutherford

    Now that’s ah true 49er fan,that was deep I respect that you’re behind your team even when they are down shows that you are indeed a true 49er.Good luck in the future and with Gods speed maybe things with turn around,for you and the 49ers.

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