Who’s The MVP?

The season is ending and the time has come to give out the awards. The most prestigious of these awards is the MVP. And this year, the award comes down to two quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Some are yelling that Drew Brees should win it. Some are yelling Aaron Rodgers should. In my opinion, two key statistics make the decision easy. It's Aaron Rodgers who is the MVP.

The first set of numbers is wins. Drew Brees had 13 wins this year. A lot of people will say that all this was because of Drew Brees. Well, that suggestion isn't exactly accurate. Brees and the Saints, despite their explosiveness, were a team that could run the football as well. Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram, Chris Ivory and Pierre Thomas combined for 2013 yards as a whole. Rodgers, on the other hand, sported a 15-1 record, while not having anywhere near the amount of ground support from Ryan Grant and James Starks that Brees had from his foursome(1137 yards). That alone makes Rodgers and his 15-1 record even that more impressive.
Advantage: Rodgers

My next set of numbers is interception-to-turnover ratio. There's no doubt that Drew Brees had an outstanding year. He eclipsed Dan Marino's passing yardage record in a season(5476 yards) and he also threw a career-high 46 TD passes. Brees obviously threw the ball a lot to get those numbers. And with throwing a lot, that means interceptions will happen. Brees also had 14 interceptions this year. Let's compare what Brees did this year to what Rodgers did. Rodgers passed for less yards(4643) and TDs(45) but he also threw only 6 interceptions all year. Looking at Rodgers' touchdown-to-interception numbers and combining these numbers with the fact that Rodgers didn't have a running game make his stats look even better.
Advantage: Rodgers.

To me, winning and not hurting your team are the biggest things that lead to making you a valuable piece. Rodgers hurt his team less and he was surgeon-like while he shredded teams on his way to leading the Packers to a 15-1 record. Brees had a great season, but give credit where credit is due. Rodgers was masterful this year.


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  1. I still believe the true MVP is not listed here in Tom Brady. Led 31st rank D to a division title. At the time when they got hot there was no guarantee of a division title but they beat some key teams. That defense led them down especially early on in games late near the end of the season but earned the #1 seed and the win in those games because of Brady and his masterful offense. Pretty much has down it all with only 1 WR (Welker) and then 2 TE’s. I’m still sticking with Brady.

    • Ok. You can stick with Brady, but Brees and Rodgers didn’t exactly have stellar defenses as well. I hear your point about the receiving corp that Brady had, but to be honest, this is a two-man race between Brees and Rodgers. Both of their seasons were incredible. Brady had another good season as well and in any other year, he would be the MVP. But not this year my friend.

  2. I think the MVP is Drew Brees, but this year really it could be Brees, Rogers or Brady and it would be the correct choice!

    Personally there is no wrong choice more on opinion.

    • We shall see what happens, but I’m betting Rodgers is the MVP.

  3. lyorant

    Over 5k yards? No debate. Brees no contest. Plus the back-up QB proved GB is system-run offense.

    • Over 5,000 yards doesn’t mean that you’re the MVP. Also, a lot of QBs torched the Lions defense. One game doesn’t prove your point that Rodgers is a system QB.

  4. I think Brees is the MVP. MVP means most valuable to his team and Rodgers has a much stronger supporting cast (Jennings, Finley, Nelson) than Brees (Henderson, Meachem, Graham).

  5. Kareem Howard

    Aaron Rogers. In spite of the lose, he did lead them to a 15-1 record. Put up better numbers than Brady.

  6. DallahSmith

    Broke It Down Nice But NFL til isn’t over the Farve Situation Brees Gets Worshiped in the NFL so who know what these kids got on there mind to me AROD MVP

  7. Lee Love

    Having to choose between the two I give it to Rodgers.

  8. I think Rodgers wins by record, to be honest. I know that’s not a great way to decide the MVP, but him and Brees were so close to each other that you have to have a decider, and record is that.

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