Welcome Back?

The big news of the NFL this week wasn't that the Super Bowl is about to happen this Sunday. Los Angeles stole the headlines by announcing that the naming rights to a stadium that is to be built in Los Angeles were sold to Famer's Insurance. Now the question is, who's moving there?

There are three possible candidates for that stadium. The first candidate is San Diego. The Chargers have been wanting a new stadium for years. It seems like the city isn't willing to give them that and their stadium lease is up at the end of the 2012 season. The scenario would be easy for them. Play out there season next year and then bolt for the City Of Angels.

The second contestant for Los Angeles is Minnesota. The Vikings have also been looking for a new stadium. The city of Minneapolis has been very slow to oblige them. Their lease on the Metrodome may be coming to an end pretty soon unless they can come to an agreement on the new outdoor stadium that Vikings owner Ziggy Wilf wants and is asking for.

The third contestant in this competition is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars have been suffering from declining local support of the team and is believed to be wanting to move to get maybe some more support and some more local funds to help support their team. The Jaguars are probably the toughest of the three to move because they are the furthest away from Los Angeles and know one really knows anything about this team in LA. Its a long shot for them to move to LA.

The most likely candidate to move to LA would be the San Diego Chargers. They are in California, have a built in fan base and they would be the most marketable team that could be brought there. The one thing that everyone is missing about this move is that the team is moving to LA.

The City of Angels has always been a city that really hasn't supported football. Examples of that are the Rams and the LA Raiders. Both teams moved from town due to lack of support. And when the city did support their football team, it was only because they were successful. I personally just don't see any fans that would rather go to the football game over all the other activities that are available to people. Maybe the fans will come out this time to support an NFL franchise, but the past experiences don't bode well for the new team that will be there. This really just seems to me more like the NFL trying to get a team in a big market other than looking at the track record of this city and its football teams.

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  1. It really wouldn’t be fair for a successful franchise like the Chargers to have to move. What about a team like Jacksonville? They have to blackout games on a regular basis don’t they? It should be a team that doesn’t sell out on a weekly basis

    • It may not be fair, but it might happen. And as far as blackouts are concerned, apparently no one wants to see the Chargers that much in San Diego because a lot of their home games have been blacked out as well. And that happens there on a regular basis.

  2. Ken

    I hope its not MINN

    • Could be. I wouldn’t put it above Ziggy Wilf to move them there.

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