3 Potential Trade Destinations for Alshon Jeffery

The offseason is getting ready to kick off in the NFL. And while people are talking about the Collective Bargaining Agreement talk, there are people being reportedly put on the trading block. One of those names is Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. The talented veteran wide receiver is in the third year of a four year, $52 million deal with the Eagles and he has played in less games each year he has been there. With his cap number going to over $15 million next season, the Eagles feel it may be time to move on. If he is indeed on the move, here are three places he could potentially land.

New York Jets

Adam Gase has to get Darnold some weapons.

The Jets have a free agent in Robbie Anderson at wide receiver, but in getting Jeffery, they would get a veteran wide receiver that can move the chains and be consistent catching the football when on the field. The Jets need more consistent weapons other than Le'Veon Bell and with quarterback Sam Darnold still in development, the best thing to do is to provide him with a consistent weapon he can depend on to catch the football.

Las Vegas Raiders

Could Gruden be eyeing a trade for Jeffery this offseason?

The Raiders had some improvement last season, but they need more. Derek Carr may or may not be there (depending on if the Tom Brady rumors are true), but no matter who is there, they just need more offensively. Adding Jeffery would give them a number one wide receiver they did not have last season. His addition would definitely be welcomed by Gruden and company and Gruden would especially love it because of his propensity for veterans. And also, the Raiders have seven picks in this year's draft, which includes two first's and three third's, so they can make some things happen with picks if need be as well.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts need help this offseason and Jeffery could be a part of the cure.

The Colts are definitely looking to upgrade this offseason. There has been talk about replacing Jacoby Brissett with Philip Rivers, but another decision has to be made about the receiving corps. They brought in Devin Funchess for one season, but he didn't have the impact they thought he would. Funchess and Chester Rogers are free agents this offseason and with a need there, the Colts could make the move to bring in the veteran wide receiver to pair with TY Hilton.

It will be interesting to watch the developments in this one. Jeffery is a talented receiver and although his agent refutes him wanting out of Philly, where there's smoke, there's fire.

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