Tom Brady breathes hope into Tampa Bay

Not many believed Tom Brady was going to leave the Patriots. After twenty years and six championship, plenty believed he was going to finish his career there. When Brady announced he wasn't coming back to New England Tuesday though, him leaving became reality. And later on Tuesday, it was announced he and Tampa Bay had come to an agreement.

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There are no official numbers as of yet, but the numbers are believed to have Brady averaging $30 million a season. And with that, arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time is a resident of the state of Florida. The biggest thing many will have to get over is him not in a New England uniform. The first time he is seen in that jersey will be almost like a bad dream for Patriots fans and will be eye-opening for fans of the game. After that though, it's time to take a look at his fit for this team.

Brady is walking into a team that has some weapons at it's disposal. The combination of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin at wide receiver give him two supremely talented wide receivers that can do damage at the short, intermediate and deep levels of the field. Add in young tight end OJ Howard and Brady has all the weapons he needs to make some things happen. In fact, this collection could be the best set of weapons he has had in years. The question comes in his arm and can he still get the football to them at all levels of the field. That was questionable last year in New England and will continue to be questioned. Even with that, the Bucs still get a quarterback that will protect the football better than their quarterback last season, Jameis Winston.

Brady may have better weapons, but there is one thing he has to worry about in Tampa that he didn't have to worry about as much in New England. Plenty blame Winston for the issues with turnovers in Tampa last season. Although he has to protect the football better than he did, the one thing that wasn't mentioned as much was his offensive line. The Bucs simply could not protect the quarterback. And if they don't upgrade the offensive line this offseason, then Brady could be staring at defensive linemen in his face while he drops back. Last year in New England, we saw what that looked like, as he was throwing some passes without even looking where the pass was going.

Brady to the Bucs does upgrades the quarterback position for Tampa Bay, but it does not solve the entire situation offensively. The Bucs need more to be a complete offense, but adding a Super Bowl champion is a very good start. Now Bucs fans have to hope he doesn't play as odd as he will look in a Bucs uniform.

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