Tom Brady Made His Bed. Now He Has To Lie In It

Tom Brady's reaction was probably like this when he heard the suspension news.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Tom Brady's reaction was probably like this when he heard the suspension news. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The verdict that many were waiting on has finally come out. Many were wondering if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would have the guts to suspend Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Well, to those that thought he would not do it, he actually made a decision. Brady will be suspended for his role in Deflategate four games along with the Patriots being fined $1 million as an organization and the team also had to give up their 2016 1st round pick along with their 4th round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Although some expected a fine and potentially a loss of a draft pick or two, there were split factions on what the punishment would be. Some believed that he would get a slap on the wrist, while others believed he would get a double-digit game punishment. There were even some that thought he would not get anything at all because of Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s friendship with the Goodell. The suspension is viewed as one that could be reduced and from the looks of things, the NFLPA will be representing Brady in this matter versus the NFL. And for Patriots fans, they are hoping they don’t have to go the entire four games without their megastar quarterback. They would rather have him start the season than to depend on inexperienced 2nd year quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. If the organization had their way, they probably wouldn't want to see Jimmy this early even though they believe in his style. There seems to be a wide array of feelings across the board, but all in all, the Brady punishment is actually appropriate.

0ne reason this case only got four games for Brady was due to what you can do with an under-inflated football. Many tend to say the air in the football has no bearing on a game. Of course when they thumped the Colts in Foxboro, the air in the football could not make a 38 point difference. Indy was just not prepared for what the Patriots had in store. But if it is a close game, the slight deflation could be something that affects a game. For example, the ball becomes softer with less air in it. The air that was taken out of the football was not enough to make it hard to throw the football, but it was enough to help a player grip the football easier, especially in cold weather. The grip of the football could be the difference in throwing an interception and the game-winning touchdown. Another way the under-inflated football could affect the game would be with the running backs. Like quarterbacks, running backs need to have excellent grip as well. One big fumble could cost the team a game, so why not let a little air out so it will be harder to fumble the football. While there is no evidence as to how long deflating of footballs has been doing on in New England, there is a statistic that suggests it may have been going on for a while. In 2010, the average plays per fumble lost was 105 across the NFL. But when you look at the Patriots rate in this regard, it is a total of 182 plays per fumble. Something about that does not sound right because they are so far and away ahead of the curve in this regard. But even with this stat, you never know when this began or when it ended or if it will pick up again at some time. Brady, along with two Patriots equipment people, tried to create an advantage for themselves to enhance the performance of the team. Whether it worked or not, it was something that affected the performance on the field and it could essentially be looked at the same as a performance-enhancing drugs would be viewed. Both are different in their nature and how they happen, but both can affect the performance of a team on the field.

Another reason for this punishment lies within the evidence. The Wells Report went over text messages and things like that. And based off that, the agent for Brady said that the punishment was in no way correct at all. It is understandable where he is coming from, but Brady's agent did fail to mention something when he talked about the fate of the Brady after this case. Tom Brady was asked to give to the NFL text messages and things like that in regards to this case. Anyone that is trying to clear their name of anything would more than likely turn over the evidence if asked for it so that would prove their innocence correct? Well, in this instance Brady did not turn over the evidence at all. It was stated that he was cooperative with the NFL and their investigation, but that is totally inaccurate. He may have answered some questions when they asked him, but when it came to evidence he lied by omission. For those that are not familiar with that, lying by omission means that you purposely leave out something to almost skew the vision of those that are looking over the case. In this case, Tom Brady purposely did not give up potential evidence he could have had in his phone. And for that reason and not the actually infraction that was committed, he received the initial four-game suspension instead of maybe a slap on the wrist. In the court of law, when you do this, you don’t get praise at all. You actually get in more trouble for doing so. This isn’t the court of law, but the NFL had to do something when they were not being given all the evidence by Brady. With what they had, it was evident they had some dirt on him. But if Brady truly felt he was innocent, he did not do himself any favors by withholding information.

In the end, Brady is going to see some punishment. There is no way around it. Those that hope his punishment goes away after an appeal are not being realistic. Punishments don’t get turned over a ton in the NFL but they do tend to get reduced though. Brady is still one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and that cannot be taken away from him. But what can be added is a little smudge on his otherwise silver-plattered career in the NFL so far. He has made his bed and now he has to lie in it. The question now is how long will he have to lie.

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  1. Lee Love

    Commissioner Goodell needed to come on hard so it would not look like he was favoring the Golden Boy there will those that say unfair and those that will labeled as Pats haters. In the long run the Brady legacy has a tarnish on it and his legacy will be debated in the annals of football forever. The only ones that really know anything is Brady and his equipment guys and the real truth will probably never come out despite all the investigations. Brady nor the Pats are not one of my favorites so I guess I’m just an onlooker and listener.

    • REGGIE

      CHEATING Patriots…TAINTED Tom Brady…ASTERISK Super Bowls


    Tom Brady did NOT receives SUSPENDED Games…it SHOULD HAVE Been NO-less than 8 Games – plus, Bill Belichick SHOULD’VE Been SUSPENDED!!! Also, the FORFEITING of the Patriots 1st Rounder in 2016 & their 4th Rounder in 2017 was NOT enough…THIS is their SECOND Major CHEATING Scandal – the Patriots 1st Rounder in 2017 SHOULD HAVE Been FORFEITED Instead of that 4th Rounder…the Patriots SHOULD HAVE Been FINED NO-less than 5 MILLION – SPYGATE was JUST a $500,000 Fine…A SLAP ON THE WRIST from Such a MAJOR CHEATING GUILT!!!!!!!!! Bill Belichick GOT OFF N AWAY…SMDH!!!!!! Furthermore, Players have been DISCIPLINED, PENALIZED N SUSPENDED Far More HARSHER for OFF THE FIELD Issues, Troubles & Charges than what Tom Brady has been hit with. Talking About INTEGRITY OF THE GAME – THIS was CHEATING n an ON THE FIELD N OF THE GAME/IN GAME – PLAYOFF GAME, MATTER…AGAIN, the Patriots SECOND Such MAJOR Charge of CHEATING – and, there Better NOT be a Reduction of ANY Sort in an Appeal of Tom Brady NOR the Patriots. The NFLPA is THEE WEAKEST Union in ALL of Sports…they are held in NO-regard n NO-respect from the NFL!!!!!!!!! The NFLPA may get Suspended for even All Of A Sudden having a Voice & saying They are going to represent Tom Brady – They’re a JOKE!!!!

    • REGGIE

      * TYPO ERROR : Tom Brady did NOT receive Enough SUSPENDED Games

    • Belichick cooperated and was shown to be not involved in this one Reggie.

      • REGGIE

        Still NONSENSE. HE was AWARE – like he IS about EVERYTHING “Patriots”…just like Robert Kraft spoke of an Apology – YEA RITE!!! Bill Belichick played Innocent & acted Offended from the initial Accusations of SPYGATE…a LIAR N CHEATER will LIE N CHEAT

      • REGGIE

        Still NONSENSE. HE was AWARE – like he IS about EVERYTHING “Patriots”…just like Robert Kraft spoke of an Apology – YEA RITE!!! Bill Belichick played Innocent & acted Offended from the initial Accusations of SPYGATE…a LIAR N CHEATER will LIE N CHEAT. Sean Payton was SUSPENDED for a YEAR over Bountygate n it was Gregg Williams who had Knowledge of n Orchestrated It.

        • He actually has evidence in this one that proves he was not aware Reggie. Belichick gets out of harm’s way on this one.

      • REGGIE

        YEA, Let them KNOW How I Feel.

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