Time To Move Forward From Michael Vick’s Past

Even though the years have passed by, it seems the same hard feelings for Michael Vick are still the same. After being asked to be a guest speaker at the 2014 “Evening of Champions” in North Carolina, over 64,000 people filed a petition to have Michael Vick uninvited to the event. And another 1,500 have gone to Facebook to say they would hold a peaceful protest of Vick being at the event. Animal rights activists are outraged that the organization would even consider bringing him to this event.

In case you don’t remember what caused this reaction from these groups of people, Vick was jailed in 2009 for his involvement in a brutal dogfighting rings. After he served his nineteen months, he was released and has tried to move on with his life and be a promoter of safely treating animals. But it just seems that the word forgiveness is not in the vocabulary of a lot of people. While he has been trying to move on, there have been many that continue to bring up his mistake in life over and over again. When he was a free agent out of jail and Philadelphia signed him, there were tons of animal’s rights activists that protested the move from the team. No doubt there were probably some people that considered quitting being a fan of the Eagles due to them signing Vick. Eventually, the noise temporarily died down in regards to Vick and he had a quiet first year as the backup to Donavan McNabb.

As Vick has gone on in Philly, he has provided highs and lows on the field, but off the field is a total different story. He realized that he had a second chance. He did his community service and spoke to people about the importance of child safety. He also stayed out of trouble and focused on making his life better as a man. But instead of realizing that Vick had changed, people still continued to bring up his past over and over again. Before this latest incident, Vick had to cancel his book tour due to death threats because of what else, his involvement in the dog fighting ring that harmed animals. If Vick is able to go forward and learn from his mistake, why can’t those who still feel venomous towards him move on?

The way Vick is being treated leads me to believe that some folks would love to see Michael Vick have a horrible existence from here on forth. But what folks fail to realize is that his past is exactly what it is: his past. It will not ever be forgotten, but it does not define the person that he is. The interesting thing about Vick’s situation is that many can think of an instance in which they did something they thought was unforgiveable. But instead of it being constantly brought up in their face, they were allowed to move on from it. So, why can’t America as a whole do the same for Michael Vick? It is truly sad that people act like they are above reproach when incidents happen that they don’t approve of. Why not allow the man to live his life and attempt to make a living instead of wishing the worst upon him for a mistake? A lot of those coming at Vick still would not think it was too great if someone wished the worst upon them for a mistake they made. The selective forgiveness in America must stop.

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Michael Vick

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  1. James " Herk " Rutherford

    People are full of themselves and we call this country a Christian Nation. Yeah Right ! It’s hard to believe that 64,000 people would sign a petition for Michael Vick not to speak, seriously ?! People have done much worse, he has paid his dues for his involvement in the animal cruelty acts. If the NFL can forgive him why can’t these assholes who called themselves Christians ? if you are a true Christian person you have to forgive him, he went to prison & has paid his debt to society, what else do you want from the man ?! He is trying to turn his life around, if he was white all would be forgiving ! Smdh !

    • Valerie

      What makes you think they are all Christians? This nation has become increasingly secular over the past decade.
      By the way, I agree with you that people should move on. He did more jail time than some other criminals plus he has apologized and turned his life around. I love animals too and was mad at the beginning but we should care about humans first.

      • James " Herk " Rutherford

        Valerie, because approximately 77% of Americans are said to be of Christian religion. This number has dropped from 1948, where 91% of Americans were Christians. Now that’s the facts !

    • Honey, race has nothing to do with this situation. Shame on you! Please, since you’re so gung ho on his ‘rehabilitation’, let’s find the serial rapist, child molester, murderer, con artist, drug dealer or any other offending sob that were just as sorry they were caught doing disgusting atrocities upon the living as Michael Vick has stated, served their time to make it ‘right’ in society and have them become a major key note speaker. Yeah, and you’re just as equal as him .. Glad I’m not a Christian, I don’t have to forgive him ..enjoy your religious slavery.

      • You may be glad you aren’t a Christian but forgiveness is neccessary in any walk of life. Think if people never forgave you for things you thought were unforgivaeable. Would be a hard knock life then huh?

      • I have done nothing like what Vick has done to invoke such forgiveness. Get over it!

        • Sad you feel someone is above forgiveness.

      • James " Herk " Rutherford

        Are you freaking serious Deidra Manintveld ?! Now you have the nerve to compare Mike Vick to a serial rapist, child molester, murderers, con artist and drug dealers, you are simply ridiculous, it’s people like you that keeps the hate in your heart & I’m not surprised your not a Christian. I’m going to pray for you because evidently you have lived a perfect life in your mind.

  2. Lee Love

    It’s sad that people still feel the way they do but it goes to show that we have not come as far as folks believe society has. I don’t know what to say other than I’ll continue to pray for those that can’t forgive.

    • James ” Herk ” Rutherford, you’re cute! You pray for whoever you want, it’s your right as a free human being. I’ll pray for you as well since you haven’t the common sense that God gave a turnip. Yeah, we’re all perfect in our minds .. you, me, the guy next door. it’s people like you .. it’s people like you .. yeah, cry me a river.
      To everyone else .. get over it .. he is an ass, he killed, he maimed, you may be alright with that and good for you .. I don’t think it’s alright to kill. My right ..

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