Time For A “No” Man In Sports

Kevin Hart was hosting the BET Awards a few weeks ago and expressed that entertainers need "No" men to tell them when something isn't a good idea. He felt that too many entertainers have too many people that boost their egos instead of telling them the truth. Well, I will take this a step further. I think athletes need a "No" man as well.

For those that don't know what a "No" man is, a "No" man basically is a person who, at the risk of upsetting you, will tell you when something is a bad idea. Looking around the landscape of America, plenty of athletes need these people in their lives. The latest example of that is James Harrison.

James Harrison went on a rampage recently in the August issue of Men's Journal. He went after the commissioner of the NFL and he also went after the star QB on his team, Ben Roethlisburger along with a few other people. Harrison basically chided both the commissioner and his star QB. But not only did he do that, he posed on the front of the magazine shirtless with guns. Now who thinks that the article and the picture were a good idea? I know I don't, but I bet he asked a "Yes" man and he said it was a good idea. A "No" man could have really helped him here and maybe told him that this article and picture was a bad idea.

A "No" man could have changed some other things that have happened within the last year. For example, the LeBron James "Decision" program wouldn't have happened if someone with some sense would have told him that maybe this isn't a good idea. Heck, maybe some of the moments in history would have been changed with a "No" man. Maybe a "No" man would have been able to tell Michael Jordan that baseball was not his calling when he took a two year sabbatical to play in the baseball minor leagues.

All joking aside, a "No" man would have been good for these athletes, but for most of them, a better of sense of what they are saying and who they are saying it to has to be exercised. Money seems to have clouded a lot of people's minds and vision as to what is right and wrong to say. Things are being said and people aren't thinking. James Harrison wasn't the first and he will not be the last, but maybe he will be the first to have a "No" man hired for him by his agent. Only time will tell. Maybe he has Kevin Hart on Line One.

Anybody out there know of any athletes, past or present, that could of used a "No" man or are in need of one currently?

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  1. Erin Hamrick

    These guys don’t like to be told “no,” which is why they surround themselves with “yes” men. If they were a little less self-absorbed and narcissistic mixed with some common sense and social awareness then we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The only positive thing to come out of these athletes’ bad decisions is that it gives us something to talk about!

    • True they do give us something to talk about. But I wonder if some of these “Yes” men are the agents themselves. Maybe the agents should take control and be the “No” man or bring in someone to be the “No” man.

  2. Carlos

    I may be in the minority on this, but besides him blasting his teammates in public, I have no problem with what James Harrison. It’s not like he was lying. Roger G has taken all the fun away from football. He has done some good things, but he has way too much power. Everybody knows the risk of playing football. So let the game be played the way it was intended to be played. These are grown men and no one is making them play. As far as the picture Harrison took, it was just a spin off from the poplar movie/video game The Hitman. His nickname is the Hitman, so he just posed liked the cover of the game. I know my opinion is probably A unpopular one but that’s how I stand on this one.

    • Carlos- I’m not debating whether what he thought was right or wrong, but you have to have some better sense than to say that in a magazine that you know is going to get published and be visible for everyone. Also, in regards to the picture, in a league that has had image issues, I think he had his brain on auto-pilot when he thought this picture was a good idea.

    • Yeah but its something we as people should keep to ourselves, just like all the hate or dogging for all the Presidents over the past years, you might be right but it doesnt help to the the trulth when its NEGITIVE, thats the point, alot of us every day hold negitive stuff inside, it makes things better, if every person you know at your job or in your family said EVERYTHING that was on their mind that was true our lives would be a wreck, just my thoughts.

    • Erin Hamrick

      Carlos – I have no issues with how he feels or what he says about the commish. I don’t think the commish is supposed to be the players’ “buddy.” There is NO excuse for blasting your own teammates though. I think his attempt at backtracking now makes it worse; it just shows that he didn’t think before he spoke in the first place.

  3. smokestack39

    The “no” Guy should’ve also told Jordan to stay retired and not play for the wizards

    • Smokestack- Agreed. That was worse than him leaving for baseball in my opinion.

  4. Great post, I really didnt read into this story at all, and thanks Mike now I know what he did and said. I turned 34 last month and the older i get the more this stuff bothers me, maybe i’m just turning in a old fart, but when i was younger this stuff i could care less about, im at the point now were i love to root for the player for any sport that is a HUMBLE guy, a person that acts like we normal 8-5 workers do, and the ones that are so thankful for where thae are at, and the players that understand there one car crash from having it all end.

    Thats one reason why LeBron’s words and acions bother me, i dont hate these guys, i just wish as you said someone would tell them there being an ass, or that some common sense of were they came from would creep in their mind.

    This is why Derrick Rose in 2 years will be the face of the NBA, he is a humble guy and a stud, he will trump LeBron just because of his actions and his gracefullness.

    thanks Mike for post.

  5. Lee Love

    Problem is many of these atheltes that need a “NO” guy won’t listen anyway and perhaps go out of there way to disassociate themselves with a “NO” guy. Whether it be ego or just just plain dumb that’s what usually happens with the majority then you have to hear all the reason why they should have after the fact.

  6. 7Boss1

    Man u hit the nail right on the head. I think half of all pro athletes could use a “No” man and if I had to choose one guy who no doubt needs one it would have to be Lebron

    • 7Boss1- I agree. LeBron definitely needs a “No” man.

  7. Excellent post. I think T.O and Carmelo Anthony need “No-Men” in their entourage!

  8. it’s sad that something so simple is such a good idea and also so badly needed. great idea.

    • Thanks. While I can’t take credit for the “No” man term, I do wish it would make its way to sports.

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