The Unforeseen Issue

The battle of Fisher vs. Young has just ended and Fisher seems to have won the battle. Bud Adams, owner of the Titans, informed the world that Vince Young will be either released or traded on or before February 7th. A lot of fans are happy and cheering. Some are wishing that the decision was the other way around. But what all are missing is that there is an issue with the Titans that no one is seeing.

Bud Adams is the biggest issue with the Titans franchise. While everyone piles on Fisher for what he does with the team, they are missing what is done in the off-season every year. The Titans have never been a team to go after top-notch free agents. The city has clamored for the team to get them, but like always, the Titans pass those guys up. This isn't by accident. The guy who signs the checks does this for a reason. For example, in the off-season before the 2009 season, the Titans had money available but they went and got WR Nate Washington, a guy who is a 2nd tier receiver and who wasn't proven, and brought back DE Javon Kearse.

Fisher is a good coach. His strength is coaching up players that are ok and making them better. Sure, he had a tough season this season, but name me an all-star caliber defender that he has on defense? Who was consistent on their offense besides Chris Johnson? I got that answer for you. No one. If I was Fisher I would want Bud Adams to fire me. Then, I would go to a franchise and to an owner who actually wants to win instead of lining his pockets.

All fans of the Titans, observe this team. Watch their pattern again this off-season. If the fans really wanted to make a statement to Adams about the poor quality of players that he brings in, stop paying to support this team. Then you all will be talking Bud Adams' language: money. Then he would go that extra mile to get the big-time players that this team needs.

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  1. Iyisha

    I totally agree! He won’t pay for top talent or once Fisher has developed a player he won’t pay to keep him

  2. Agreed man. These outspoken owners are big time fools with the way they get involved with the team it’s just ridiculous

  3. Jihan

    Well, I agree. Blame for the Titan’s downfall this year starts from the top down. However, Jeff and Vince both showed out this year. No, we have not recruited the top players, etc. But what I have a problem with is the current issue at hand, which is how Jeff, the head coach, allowed his personal feelings to coach this team.

    Let’s look at how Vince got here. The organization brought him here under the pretense that he would be groomed by Steve McNair. But what happen? They had the trainer meet Steve at the door to tell him he can’t come into the facility that he helped to build, and trade him. All of this after he helped to get Vince to come to the Titans. Everyone knows that is the only reason Vince came to Nashville. Then he get’s here and his professional and personal mentor is cut and he now has to replace him. So from day one the trust and relationship between Jeff and Vince has been damaged.

    Now years past, and that tension has thicken. Jeff pulls Vince after a failed play, but hypes up Rusty and the old guy!
    Then look at the numbers, I’m sorry, Vince has done more to contribute the Titans’ success than Jeff. I mean really, 16 years and we have no “Big Ring”. As a fan, I demand more! Jeff Fisher is a jerk, and just as petty as Vince. If I had to choose, I would rather see them both go, if it would better the Titan’s organization. I don’t think the team values Vince and Jeff can’t produce a Super Bowl Team.

    • I agree. You should demand more as a fan, but who makes the ultimate decisions, Bud Adams. He gives Jeff the players and tells him to work with them. And there was also another coach who received the same flack that Fisher did, Bill Cowher. He was with Pittsburgh a long time before he ever won a championship (14 years).

      Vince was a winner, I agree. But, you cannot tolerate a player going off on a coach like that. That’s unacceptable. And I also agree that Fisher did coach more emotional, but he is human. And another thing. Who always took up for VY when he was being blasted by the media? Jeff Fisher. Who tried to make it work? Jeff Fisher. So I think he deserved to vent a little after shielding VY from the media a lot during his career here.
      And the last point I have is that when Steve was let go, it wasn’t handled right, but that’s business. They couldn’t afford to pay him and VY. That’s just the nature of the beast.

      • Jihan

        True, but that beast drug us to where we are now. I agree, no Vince was not professional and that needed to be addressed before this year by management. Hey for all I know, maybe it was. I totally understand business, however there is a manner business is handled and because it was the way it was bad blood has been brewing for years.

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