The Numbers Dont Lie

The Titans were playing well. Many thought they were a team that would be heading to the playoffs. The offense was in the top 10 in scoring in the league and the defense was making big plays. Then the Titans went to San Diego and that's where their free fall began. The Titans are currently on a 5 game losing streak. There are many things you can point at, but I have some statistics that will tell you the reasons behind their poor play.

The Titans are very inefficient on 3rd down. Going all the way back to the San Diego game, the Titans have converted only 17 of 62 3rd down conversions( 27 % ). That's well below what the league average is. And what is most disheartening is that some of these 3rd down conversions that are missed short yardage attempts. That tells me right there that the Titans are losing the battle at the line of scrimmage. The Titans are also not stopping people like they used to be able to. They have allowed 52%(44/84) of 3rd down tries to be converted into first downs. In order for any team to be successful, you have to be successful on 3rd down and the Titans simply haven't been getting the job done.

Another key statistic is the turnover battle. The Titans have always been known as a team that creates turnovers and holds on to the football. During the recent skid, the Titans are a combined -6 in the turnover margin. In order to win games, you have to take care of the ball and the Titans simply haven't been able to do that. A prime example of that was the two interceptions by Kerry Collins on Sunday versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The last and final statistic that is really disheartening to the Titans is the rushing yards. The Titans always have been very stout against the run and very good in running on other teams. Well, in the last 5 games, the Titans have given up 150+ yards rushing 3 times and they have rushed for over 100 yards twice. In the ball-control offense of the Titans, the ground game is essential and if that isn't working, then the Titans aren't as effective.

If this current losing streak continues, Titans head coach Jeff Fisher could be let go. Its an unfortunate part of the business, but the head coach has to take responsibility when a team isn't meeting expectations. His team's identity for all these years is lost. Now, for the last few games, its the responsibility of the players to either respond or continue their trend on this downward spiral. After all, the coaches can only coach so much. Its up to the players to execute.

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