The Eagle Has Landed

Andy Reid, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, announced yesterday that because of the play of Michael Vick, Vick will be the starter for the Eagles "until further notice". A lot of NFL Insiders are saying its a decision that will stand for the rest of the year. This is big for Michael Vick. Just consider where he has come from.

In 2006, Michael Vick was a brash, super-talented quarterback who was carrying the Atlanta Falcons with his leg and arm. Then, like a tidal wave, his world came crashing down. News came out of a suspected dog-fighting operation at his home in Virginia. His home was raided and as many know, dog remains among other disturbing things were found. Vick was brought before federal court and was eventually sentenced to 18 months in jail for his role in the operation. At this point, saying Michael Vick's name was worse than saying a curse word and he was catching more fire about his personal choices than he used to about his decisions in jail. The Falcons came after the signing bonus they gave him and creditors came after him as well.

Fast forward to July 2008. At this time, Michael Vick had just got off of house arrest and he was waiting on someone to give him a chance to live his dream again. Lots of people in the NFL were saying that because of his past dealings and the timing of Vick being taken off house arrest, he would not be playing in the NFL in 2009. Then, while sitting at home in Virginia, Vick received a call from the Eagles' brass. Andy Reid and the executives had decided to take a look at the former big-time star. The Eagles, who took a lot of flack from its fans for even considering Vick, eventually signed him, even though they had Donovan McNabb.

Coming into this year, a lot of people felt that Vick should be the starter with McNabb having been traded to the Redskins. Vick, who was once a brash individual with a cocky edge to him, acknowledged that Kolb is the quarterback of the Eagles and that he is a backup. Then, in a flash, Kolb gets hurt and its time for The Michael Vick Experience again. Vick almost leads the Eagles back to a win against the Packers and then he goes out last week and leads the Eagles to the win with his spectacular play. Vick could have been his past self and tooted his own horn, but he again said that the team is Kolb's team and he is the starter for this team.

Now as you all know, Michael Vick has been named the starter, but that isn't the biggest story coming out of this happening. The biggest issue is the transformation that Michael Vick has made. He has transformed himself from the brash, cocky, arrogant quarterback he was in Atlanta to the confident, thankful guy who is appreciative of what gifts and blessing have been bestowed upon him. Quite frankly, this decision should have been made at the beginning of the season, but it all worked out for a man who has changed his life and his outlook after hitting rock bottom in his life.

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  1. Carlos Dowell

    I’m just glad Vick get a chance to shine again. He paid to steep of a price when some people get less punishment for murder.

    • True. Also, it seemed like more people were upset that he killed dogs than when human beings are killed.

  2. Iyisha

    It still amazes me when I hear people speak and act like Vick is evil incarnate. It was dogs! Just dogs…Not like he was a rapist or pedophile. I’m not supporting dog fighting or anything but in the scheme of things what he did was not the worst he could have done. I just hope he has a great season. Always have loved a comeback story

    • A lot of people in this world have forgotten the spirit of forgiveness. And that’s what is the sad thing in this world.

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