The Defensive MVP Is…..

Who's the Defensive MVP so far in the NFL? Is it San Francisco LB Patrick Willis? Is it Dallas OLB Demarcus Ware? Well, I'm gonna throw another name in the hat: Houston defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. I know a lot of you are collectively saying "Are you serious?". But if you look at the rise of the Houston Texans defense, then you would understand.

Last year, the Houston Texans were a laughing stock on defense. They couldn't tackle, make plays or do anything to help their offense. As a result of that, QB Matt Schuab, RB Arian Foster and crew had to outscore teams to win. And as a lot of people know, they didn't make the playoffs playing that style. As a result of the that, the defensive coordinator was fired and former Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips was brought in.

Some were trying to figure out how his 3-4 scheme would work in Houston, a team that has run a 4-3 for its entire existence. Those "some" included me as well. I was wondering how they would use Mario Williams. Well, we see what has been created by one of the best defensive minds in football. Wade has taken basically the same parts from last year, give or take 2 or 3 players, and made them the third best defense in the NFL and that's huge. Last year they were 30th in total defense.

Another telling stat of the Phillips effect is the pass defense. Last year, CB Kareem Jackson was getting torched. It seemed like he had a big bullseye on his back and teams were attacking him religiously. But he wasn't the only problem. The pass defense for this team was last in the NFL. Fast forward to this year and the Texans have added corner Jonathan Joseph from Cincinnati and they also added S Danieal Manning from Chicago. This pass defense is now ranked fifth against the pass. That's a tremendous improvement.

Wade has proven that not only are players important, but coaches are just as important. Now he does have some new challenges ahead of him with the loss of Williams and Manning, but I'm sure Phillips will find a way. Phillips was ridiculed a lot as a head coach, but his defensive mind should never be questioned. Wade Phillips is the Most Valuable Defensive Person in the NFL.


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  1. Lee Love

    Good post…just had the same thoughts recently. When you look at the Cowboys overall have they improved without Phillips…not really. Goes to show you have to have the players all in sync. Phillips is a good defensive coach and is probably better cut out for what he’s doing now vs being at the head of the class.

  2. dallah smith

    Texans Defensive there 5-3 haven’t Beating a good Team Yet Bengals Defensive is Better than them if you want to look at it like that ol yea they beat the Steelers before they got in a groove other than that Jags,Titans,Colts,and Dolphins look at the teams records they beat NoNo look at the teams offense ranking wow nfl sunday night crew come on son!

  3. 7Boss1

    I’ve always loved Wade as a DC some guys are much better coordinators than coaches he’s one of them as well as Norv Turner

  4. I’m very surprised you chose him as the MVP, but you make a good point.

  5. I think it would be good for the NFL if the Texans went far into the playoffs, and with Colts missing manning this is their year to take advantage of the chance, and yes there D is very nice, soild.

  6. Great post! this certainly is a VERY interesting idea that you brought to the table. Sadly, coaches can’t win MVP, but Phillips has surely turned this Texans team around. Revis is my defensive MVP though.

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