The Blind Support Of Tom Brady Keeps On Coming

Tom Brady had his suspension upheld. And his supporters are there supporting him despite what looks like guilt. (photo courtesy of

Tom Brady had his suspension upheld. And his supporters are there supporting him despite what looks like guilt. (photo courtesy of

Tom Brady was scheduled to be suspended for the first four games of the beginning of this upcoming season. He was suspended for Deflategate, which everyone remembers is about purposely deflating footballs to gain an unfair advantage in games. Brady, of course, appealed the decision that was made based on the report of lead investigator Ted Wells. Many thought that Goodell, who heard the appeal, would lighten the sentence for Brady after hearing what he had to say in the appeal process. But much to the shock of many NFL fans, Goodell decided to keep the suspension as is and will keep the NFL’s Golden Boy suspended for the first four games of the year. Of course there were many reactions to this one. Some loved it that Goodell did not change the suspension. While others decided they did not feel it was right and were defending Brady. But there were others that took another stance in regards to Brady that was very interesting.

Brady’s suspension, as it stands right now, is the same as another player that will be missing the beginning of the season. Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Greg Hardy was on the Commissioner’s Exempt List all but one game last season for the Carolina Panthers. How he landed on this list is what many were talking about. Hardy had an incident with his ex-girlfriend that ended up in him reportedly choking her and throwing her around. He was originally found guilty in Carolina, but he appealed the charge and was found not guilty upon appeal. The main reason that he was found not guilty is because he reportedly paid off the woman that he got into the incident with and she was uncooperative during the entire case. Upon review of the information, the NFL suspended him originally for 10 games. But upon review, the ten-game suspension was reduced to four games. The thing that has some fans riled up is that Brady, who was suspended for deflating footballs, has the same suspension as a guy that was violent with women. It is quite interesting that those suspensions are now the same but what happened to personal accountability? Of course, Hardy had an issue and that matter has been handled. But Hardy and Brady’s issue are two separate things. And even though it seems unfair that he is punished the same as Hardy, you cannot pick your punishment when you are indeed wrong. That is almost like a kid telling his parents how he wants to be punished when he gets in trouble. It’s something that will never happen. So instead of focusing on why he has the same suspension as Hardy, realize that Brady was wrong in what he did. And in regards to those that are speaking of others that may do this across the NFL, please remember that there are many things that go on in the NFL. Many players probably do things that are not actually legal when it pertains to the NFL rule book. But there are some that get away with doing so. Whenever you do something that is against the rules, you run the chance of getting in trouble. And even though others may or may not have done the same things that Brady did, Brady is the one that is in trouble in this one. And in life, when you get punished, you handle that situation and take the punishment. You don’t start talking about who else did what and when. Notice Brady did not do that at all.

Another lesson here in this one is blind faith. Notice that there are some that are supporting Brady after all of this and claiming that the league is after the Patriots and Brady. Since when does the league go after a team and a team end up being one of the winningest franchises over the last decade? If this was the Cleveland Browns, who have had decade after decade of bad play, then there may be a case here. But the Patriots fans that are yelling this one do not have one solid leg to stand on. And secondly, did we forget that Brady had a chance to cooperate and clear his name in what he was accused of. He was asked by Wells for the phone actually. But it is reported that he destroyed the phone when he was asked for it from Wells. Now I know Wells was not a lawyer and this was not a court case, but imagine if it was? If someone refused to give materials that pertained to a case in court, that would be obstruction of justice. And that would be something that would send Brady to jail. He isn’t going to jail and this isn’t court, but he basically tried to hide evidence from the case. And in the end, that was the one thing that eventually cost him. Even if he was not guilty, he made himself look guilty by destroying the evidence that was asked for by Wells so he could determine his involvement with the other members of Deflategate. For those that still seem to think that Brady is not wrong for his actions, imagine if you are a parent right now. Imagine if you asked your child for information about something and he or she purposely lied to you or hid information in your own “investigation” into something that may have involved them. Would you think he or she did nothing wrong? The prevailing thought there would be anger along with frustration about the lie in your “investigation”. Just like a kid, if Brady was asked for information by the authority, he should have been forthright. And if he was as innocent as he said he was, then he would have given the information without question to prove that he was. But yet he hid it and some are praising him for doing so. You see how this praising someone for lying and concealing information can be something that can baffle the mind?

Brady has reportedly given the NFLPA permission to appeal this case in federal court. And if he thinks this investigation is going to get easier, than he has another thing coming. It will be brought up why he destroyed the evidence and he more than likely will have to answer that question on the stand. The court could ask for the records of his phone data as well. And at that point, Brady could be in position to either clear his name or bury himself in his own lie. That will be solved one way or another in federal court. Brady, at this point, is not looking like he will be exonerated from this one and will have to serve his suspension. And just like in the past, it looks like the NFLPA will be getting the short end of the stick. Brady has always been seen as the Golden Boy of quarterbacks and he will go down as one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. But in this instance, he could have ended this one if he admitted what happened instead of hiding what happened by destroying evidence that was asked for. And reportedly, the NFL would have lessened the suspension if he would have admitted his role. But his pride would not let him do so and now we are heading to another level for this case. Brady is fighting this one tooth and nail, but it is a done deal at this point and it will be hard for him to even escape punishment.

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  1. Another story of He said/She said. It is serious when a conflict goes to the judicial system. There is no lying here. You lie under oath and you go to jail. Will we ever know the whole truth ? IMO Brady should have taken the deal to reduce his punishment or accept the 4 games and move on. I understand his claim of innocence and his right to go to court, but he better hope his law team doesn’t do more damage to his image than already has been done. I still think he is too smart to go through the whole court process.

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