TEM’s Super Bowl Preview

It all comes down to one game. The Green Bay Packers square off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Dallas for the Super Bowl. Here is my preview of Super Bowl XLV.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a very physical team and they are led by their defense. S Troy Polamalu is the unquestioned leader of the Steeler defense and in order for the Packers to be able to be successful, they must identify where Polamalu is on every possession. If the Packers don't find Polamalu, they could have big problems. Another point of emphasis for the Packers must be to run the football. Now I know the Packers will more than likely not be very successful running the football against the Steelers, but they must run the ball with James Starks, John Kuhn and company to give QB Aaron Rodgers a few more seconds to attack the weak point of the Steelers: their cornerbacks. Another thing that the Packers could do to attack the Steelers' secondary is to go to more 5 WR sets. By doing this, the Steelers would be at a disadvantage because Steelers OLB James Harrison or OLB LaMarr Woodley would have to cover a WR. It should be interesting to see this cat and mouse game.

When the Pittsburgh offense takes the field, they will be led by Big Ben. Even though the Steelers are led by Big Ben, RB Rashaard Mendenhall is the engine of this offense. He must have a good game to enhance the Steelers' chances of winning this game. C Markice Pouncey looks like he may not be able to go, so Chris Legursky must be able to block Packer NT BJ Raji. If Legursky is able to block The Big Jiggle, then look for the Steelers to test the Packers with the big play to speedy WR Mike Wallace. Big Ben must create big plays. If the Steelers have to drive the ball down the field, they open themselves up to CB Charles Woodson and OLB Clay Matthews making a big play.

As far as the special teams for these clubs, there isn't much separation between each team. Matter of fact, I believe that the first mistake made on special teams could turn the tide of the game.

As far as my prediction, I believe that the Packers will do just enough on offense to stay ahead of the Steelers and Packers Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers will be able to confuse the injury-riddled Steeler front line enough to slow the Pittsburgh attack. Expect a game in the mid twenties. The Packers will simply have too much offense for the Steelers and Big Ben to answer.

Prediction: Green Bay 27, Pittsburgh 23

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  1. Kareem Howard

    I don’t know, Pittsburg seems to be a complete player, and Mendenhall has a strong running game. If GBs defesne cannot contain Big Ben, then a GB Super Bowl may not happen.

    I give it a low scoring game….Pitts 21-GB 14

    • Green Bay has stopped the run in the playoffs and I think you’re underestimating Dom Capers as a defensive coordinator.

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