TEM’s NFL Predictions-Week 2

Came out 8-7 last week with the picks. I'm gonna take that as an off week. Here are The Everyday Man picks for this week!

Arizona vs. Atlanta
The Falcons enter this week coming off a physical loss to the Steelers. I believe they will arrive back home fired up and ready to go. The Cardinals should be just what the doctor ordered. The Cardinals struggled with the lowly Rams last week defensively and their offense disappeared when Kurt Warner retired. The Falcons, with their home crowd behind them, dominate an inept Cardinals team.
Prediction: Falcons by 10

Baltimore vs. Cincinnati
Batman and Robin return to Gotham, I mean the Queen City with a bad loss to the Patriots. These two teams have a history of bad blood and I think it will continue this week. The big thing this week is that, unlike the Jets, the Bengals have a quarterback and receivers that can take advantage of a depleted secondary. Joe Flacco and the Raven offense better get it in gear or this game could get ugly.
Prediction: Bengals by 7

Kansas City vs. Cleveland
The up-and-coming Kansas City Chiefs take their show on the road versus one of the worst teams in the NFL. I expect the Chiefs to come out and handle business with Matt Cassel, Dexter McCluster, Jamaal Charles and company on offense and I expect the defense to keep showing the resolve and toughness that they showed last week. Like I told u in a previous post, keep your eye on CB Brandon Flowers for the Chiefs. He is the next great corner in the NFL. I have nothing to say about the Browns except Jake Delhomme is hurt. That enough to say about them.
Prediction: Kansas City by 13

Chicago vs. Dallas
This is a must win for Dallas if they plan on winning the division and hopefully a Super Bowl. The Bears may be in serious trouble. The way offensive coordinator Mike Martz likes to call plays, I think DeMarcus Ware and Jay Cutler will have a few meet and greets in the backfield. On offense, the Cowboys need to get healthy on the line and get Alex Barron out of there. There's a reason the Rams were so eager to move him in the off-season and that reason definitely wasn't money. The Cowboys get it together this game and get back on track.
Prediction: Cowboys by 10

Philadelphia vs. Detroit
The Michael Vick experience will be on full display this week. Kolb is out with a concussion. I expect the Eagles to take the reins off of Vick and for Vick to scramble and pass and make big plays by himself and throwing to the likes of Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. The Lions looked better last week, but they are without Matthew Stafford this week and their defense has to chase around Vick. Let the controversy begin in Philly as Vick leads the Eagles to Victory.
Prediction: Eagles by 7

Buffalo vs. Green Bay
The Packers enter this game having barely escaped the Eagles. The Packers offense took a big blow with Ryan Grant now out for the season with an ankle injury. With that being said, I think Brandon Jackson will come in and do great work for the Packers. Buffalo's offense better get ready for Clay Matthews. He is quickly becoming one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. And the bad thing about this game is the Packers will light up the scoreboard and the Bills will have to pass. Somebody say a prayer for Trent Edwards before the game. I'm sure he will have nightmares before and after the game of Clay Matthews.
Prediction: Packers by 14

Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee
This game ought to be the most physical game of the week. These two teams pride themselves in being the most physical team. On offense, the key player for the Titans isn't Chris Johnson, its Vince Young. If Young can make plays with his feet and arm and make smart decisions, then the Titans offense should be able to control the clock. That's going to be a big task to do for Young because he will be going against one of the most dominating defenses in football, the Steelers defense. Even though I think the Steelers defense will give up 100 yards to Chris Johnson, this game will be a low-scoring game. The key for Pittsburgh on offense is Dennis Dixon. He too must play smart and use his ability. It comes down to the quarterbacks in this game and I will take Young over Dixon.
Prediction: Titans by 4

Miami vs. Minnesota
Miami comes in off and uninspiring win in Minnesota. The Vikings will be ready to go, as they have been sitting on a loss to the Saints for 10 days. Adrian Peterson must come up big this game and be the playmaker that he has been in the past because the passing offense is suffering a little bit without Sidney Rice. If Peterson delivers, then Farve should have plenty of open receivers against a no name Dolphin defense. For the Dolphins, Chad Henne has to come up big because the Vikings are going to shut off the running game with the Williams boys up the middle. I just don't think Henne can carry the Dolphin offense to this point in his career even though he has arguably the best receiver in the NFL on his team in Brandon Marshall.
Prediction: Minnesota by 3

Tampa Bay vs. Carolina
This game is gonna come down to one thing: the Carolina running game. If the Bucs defense cannot control DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, then they are in big trouble. If the Bucs can do that and get something from their offense, then this game should get interesting. Too bad I don't expect that.
Prediction: Carolina by 10

Seattle vs. Denver
This is an interesting matchup. Were the Seahawks for real or the 49ers just that bad? I think the Broncos will let us know. The Broncos offense played pretty well last week dspite the absence of a big-time weapon. The running game should get some help this week with the addition of Lawrence Maroney from New England. If Orton plays like he did last week, he should test a Seattle defense that is still trying to grow under Pete Carroll. Last week, Matt Hasselbeck look like the All-Pro quaterback that Seattle had a couple years ago. With a rejuvenated Mike Williams and a heathy Deon Branch, the Seahawk offense should be able to challenge a depleted Broncos offense. But, I don't think the Seahawk running game is trong enough to threaten the Broncos though.
Prediction: Denver by 4

St. Louis vs. Oakland
Sam Bradford came out last week and provided some hope for the Rams last week as he helped keep them in the game with the Cardinals. He will be facing a sloppy Raiders defense that got embarrassed by Chris Johnson and the Titans. I believe the Raiders defense will decide to show up this week and play with some pride. I know veterans like Richard Seymour and John Henderson will not stand for anything less. The Raiders offensive woes start on the offensive line. I think this week they get some of that straightened out and Darren McFadden gets it going on offense. If McFadden gets it going, then You will see a better Jason Campbell at quaterback and the speedy receivers of the Raiders will be unleashed against the Rams and their subpar corners.
Prediction: Oakland by 7

New England vs. New York Jets
The Jets got exposed last week as a fraud and they should come out this week with more energy and aggression. The Patriots and Tom Brady will be ready. Moss is gonna be trapped on Revis Island this week, so Wes Welker becomes the guy who is key. On defense, the Patroits will have to shut down the running game. The Jets have shown that they are having Mark Sanchez check down a lot for fear of him trying to do too much. Until they take the wraps off of him, the offense will not be as explosive as it can be. That being said, I think the Jets defense takes over this game and brings home the win.
Prediction: Jets by 3

Jacksonville vs. San Diego
The Chargers return to San Diego off a surprising loss to the Chiefs. Phillip Rivers and company must come out this week and finish off drives. If they do that and jump on the Jaguars early, then they could break the Jags' spirit. The Jags also don't have great cornerback play, so Phillip Rivers should have no problems completing passes. The Chargers defense should get some more competition this week in the form of David Garrard, Maurice Jones-Drew and Mercedes Lewis. If the Chargers do not come out and stop the running game, it could be a long day for them. That being said, the Chargers have too much offense for the Jaguars.
Prediction: San Diego by 10

Houston vs. Washington
Houston won in an unconventional was for them last week, the running game. This week the running game will be key as the protege takes on the mentor. Gary Kubiak will have his Texans offense try to establish the running game with Arian Foster like Mike Shanahan taught him. In order for the Texans to be successful doing this, they must get London Fletcher blocked. Fletcher is still a formidable linebacker in this league. Also, the Redskins' DeAngelo Hall vs. Andre Johnson of the Texans should be a good matchup. That being said, the Redskins offense must produce more to win this game. Donovan McNabb must have some playmaker emerge in order for the Skins to challenge the Texans in this game. I think the Skins come back to reality this week.
Prediction: Houston by 6

New York Giants vs. Indianapolis Colts
In this little brother vs. big brother matchup, the Colts are smarting off a drumming at the hands of the Texans while the Giants and Ahmad Bradshaw are licking their chops to get a crack at this defense. The problem is, the Colts have had a whole week to get the issue corrected. I don't see Bradshaw and Jacobs running all over the Colt defense this week. Eli will have to make some plays again this week. Peyton got hit a lot last week and I hope he got in the ice tub because he may get hit a lot more tus week with Justin Tuck and the Giant defense coming to town. I think Ndy gets their issues worked out for one week and big brother beats little brother.
Prediction: Indianapolis by 7

New Orleans vs. San Francisco
Drew Brees and the guys take the show on the road as they invade Monster Park. The 49ers defense has a big challenge as they have to stop Brees, Colston, Meachem, Shockey, Thomas and the Saints offense. The 49ers will be up to the task as they have been challenged by Mike Singletary. Parick Willis will come out and have this defense fired up. Alex Smith and the offense continued to go through doldrums last week. If he and the offense aren't careful with the football and aren't controlling the football, the 49er defense could be on the field too long. With that being said, the 49ers are at home on Monday night football. I think the energy of the home crowd and the sense of urgency carry the 49ers to the win.
Prediction: San Francisco by 3

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  1. Indira a.k.a.Indy

    Hey Mike,

    Your predictions are fine; except…Ravens vs. Bengals (U can’t under estimate the Ravens’ D….), Bears vs. Cowboys (Dallas offense stinks!!!), Patriots vs Jets (Jets’ offensive is inconsistent…Patriots have something to prove…), Saints vs 49ers (Come on…u can’t under estimate “the heart of a champion”…Saints are champs…enough said!!!) Oh yeah, ur right…GO TITANS!!!

    • I understand ur comments, but the Ravens have no corners. All their corners are injured and they are facing T.O. and Chad Ochocinco. The Bears aren’t going to beat Dallas in a must win game for them. Bears barely beat a terrible Detroit team( they really lost that game). The Patriots will not win because Moss will be eliminated because of Revis and the Patroits will not be able to run the ball on the Jets defense without Logan Mankin in there. And as far as the Saints, historically teams that have to make cross-country trips do not fare well and the 49ers on Monday night at home will be ready to play.

  2. Kareem Howard

    I can say right now, quite a few of my picks are a bust so far. I’ll put in my final results after tomorrow night’s game, which should be a 24-point blowout by NO

    • I don’t think so my friend. Historically, when teams have to travel cross-country to play a game, they lose most of the time. Its gonna be a 49er win tomorrow.

  3. Tiffany Patton

    Mr. Patton it seems like you’ve caused some controversy with your 49ers pick. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out tonight!

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