TEM’s NFL Football Predictions- Week 1

Starting this week, I will be doing NFL predictions for each and every week of football along with a little bit of my own insight into the game. Get ready! Here we go!!!

Vikings vs Saints

This game will come down to two things: which defense can make big plays and which offense can overwhelm the defense. I see the Saints winning both those categories.
Prediction: Saints by 10

Miami at Buffalo

The Bills would have had a better shot if this game were played in December. Unfortunately, its September and Brandon Marshall is ready to go.
Prediction: Dolphins in a runaway

Oakland at Tennessee

A lot of people have been saying the Oakland Raiders could surprise. I think they can, but not this game. Titans offense starts the season on the right foot and carries the Titans.
Prediction: Titans by 3

Cincinnati at New England

Batman and Robin take their show to New England where no one is to be found at cornerback, especially after Leigh Bodden got injured. I expect Ochocinco and T.O. To have a good game in this one. Brady will keep the Pats close, but it will not be enough.
Prediction: Bengals by 7

Carolina at New York Giants

The two-headed rushing attack of Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams take their show on the road to Gotham. Too bad Gotham has a new superhero in Keith Bullock and great pass coverage to bottle up Steve Smith. The running game of the Giants will be the real show in this game.
Prediction: Giants by 10

Atlanta at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh starts the beginning of Big Ben's "vacation" with Dennis Dixon at quarterback. Dixon will make some plays, but the plays he misses and makes mistakes on will hurt the Steeler. Matty Ice and the boys come ready to play and Michael "The Burner" Turner gets loose for a couple big runs. All that said, it will be a close game.
Prediction: Atlanta by 3

Cleveland at Tampa Bay

Where's the offense? I forgot that there isn't any in this game. I'm gonna cover my eyes and point at a team to win this game. This is gonna be ugly.
Prediction: Tampa Bay by 3( they were the luck choice I guess)

Denver at Jacksonville

A bad preseason marred with injuries rolls over into the regular season for the Broncos. Maurice Jones-Drew and the crew should shred this aging and inexperienced defense and rhe Jaguars defense should have fun teeing off on Kyle Orton because the Denver running game will be in street clothes this game.
Prediction: Jaguars by 10

Indianapolis at Houston

Well, the Texans are the sheik pick to make it to the playoffs this year and they have a big test in the Colts their first game. They may pass some tests, but the test the Colts possess will be too much as Peyton has a field day with the secondary of the Texans. Look for Matt Schaub to match Peyton until crunch time, where Peyton shines.
Prediction: Colts by 6

Arizona at St. Louis

The Derek Anderson era in the desert starts in St. Louis and he should pass this test easily. The Sam Bradford era will start with him taking his lumps and eventually falling.
Prediction: Cardinals by 14

Green Bay at Philadelphia

Kevin Kolb starts the season with a hard task to complete: beat the Packers. I think Kolb will do ok, but ok will not be enough to win as A-Rod slices and dices the Eagles defense.
Prediction: Packers by 13

San Francisco at Seattle

This game doesn't add up to being close on paper, but the excitement of a new era in Seattle and the boisterous fans in Seattle are what keep this game close, at least for a little while. In the end, Patrick Will and the 49er defense will get the stops needed and Frank Gore and the offense will put 6 points up.
Prediction: San Francisco by 4

Dallas at Washington

Can somebody please find Donovan McNabb someone to throw to? Donovan may want to not rush back for this game, as DeMarcus Ware is waiting to attack him. The Redskins defense will hang tough, but in the end, Tony Romo and the Cowboys will impose their will on the 'Skins.
Prediction: Cowboys by 10

Baltimore at New York Jets

Now we finally get to see if the hype matches the play on the field. Revis Island is back, so one side of the field will be eliminated, but the Ravens have three very good wide receivers in T.J. Houzmanzadeh, Derrick Mason and Anquan Boldin and a good tight end in Todd Heap. The Jets can stop them all. We all know the Ravens' defensive secondary has injuries, but can the Jets passing attack take advantage of this. I don't think they can.
Prediction: Ravens by 7

San Diego at Kansas City

The Chiefs will be much improved this year, but this won't be the game you will see it. Phillip Rivers and his supporting cast will slice and dice the defense of the Chiefs. Cassel will keep up in the beginning, but in the end, he will become the same injured or mistake-making Cassel he has been in Kansas City.
Prediction: San Diego by 13

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  1. OK we shall see how Week 1 turns out Mr. Patton. I think you and I agree with most of our picks.

    • We shall see. I’m doing college picks tomorrow.

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