TEM’s Divisional Playoff Weekend Preview: New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers

The Pack have been the favorite since the beginning of the year. The Giants weren't even supposed to be here in some people's eyes. But no matter what we all think, what we do know is that these two teams had a really competitive game in the New Meadowlands. Now we get to see Round 2, except this time, its in Green Bay.

QB Eli Manning was hitting the big play with consistency last week. And no player was bigger for him in the passing game than WR Hakeem Nicks. This week, expect Nicks to have the advantage again in his matchup. He will more than likely be facing CB Sam Shields while CB Charles Woodson will be in the slot. But for as good as the Giants were in the passing game, they must be equally impressive in the running game. If RBs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs are effective, they keep Packers QB Aaron Rodgers off the field. Another thing the Giants have to do is account for LB Clay Matthews. He can wreck a game if the Giants don't control him and Eli could be under duress all game.

QB Aaron Rodgers is the MVP. Contrary to all the Drew Brees lovers, he's the man in my opinion. Now with that being said, Rodgers has to come out and carry his offense again this week. For him to do that, the Packer offensive line must protect Rodgers from the Nascar pass rush of the Giants, led by DEs Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck. If the Packers protect Rodgers, then the Giants secondary could be in some trouble. No offense to the Giants, but they don't have enough DBs to cover TE Jermichael Finley and WRs Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings and James Jones. Another player to watch this game when the Packers are on offense will be James Starks. He is the most physical of the Green Bay RBs and he must be somewhat effective to help the offensive line keep some of the heat off of Rodgers.

This game should be interesting and high-scoring. But, like most games, it comes down to defense. Whoever makes more plays defensively will win the game. I will take the team that creates more turnovers to win this game, the Green Bay Packers.
Prediction: Green Bay Packers 34, New York Giants 31

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  1. Lee Love

    Gonna be Rodgers against Giants defense and will be a high scoring games as stated but close. Being a Giants fan it’s my hope that G-Men defense will keep the Packers in check so Eli can perform his magic.

    • The only way the G-men will be able to keep A-Rod in check is if the d-line can get to him and put pressure on him. If A-Rod has all day, The Surgeon will be at work.

  2. For some reason I think it will be a low scoring game but the Packers will come out on top. Just a hunch on this one.

    • With the Packers giving up a ton of pass yards and with the Giants and their gaffes they have had defensively at time, I believe the game will come down to whichever team comes up with two or three key stops.

  3. Can’t wait for this game. It’d going to be close I feel as you have predicted as well.

    I like the Giants to pull of a upset.

    • It should be a close one. No doubt about that. But I just don’t think the Giants can pull thru like they did in Lambeau a few years back. Different year and different team.

  4. I’m thinking Giants pull this one off. Giants offence is every bit as explosive as the Packers, with a better running game.

    • The Giants offense is explosive. No doubt about it. But I’m anxious to see if their running game can repeat last week’s performance. They were last in the NFL in rushing yards per game during the regular season.

  5. DallahSmith

    Thank you my friend u hit in on point on all views on this one that’s how the game going go just remember packers are playing for a big cause and remember what I said outcome would be like 1st matchup giants got big mouths

  6. I am truly stunned. My SB pick, the Packers are done. Eli Manning is now officially the most underrated QB in the NFL. On third down, there’s no stopping him.

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