Tebow’s Day Will Come

The depth chart for the Denver Broncos was released and Tim Tebow was listed as the number two QB behind veteran Kyle Orton. And from what I'm hearing, it wasn't even a contest. Orton is just the better fit for this team right now. But all this talk of Orton being the starting QB and making the team better will end eventually. Tebow will get his shot to audition for the starting QB position.

Now, plenty are wondering when Tebow will get his chance. I'm going to throw a little insight into that. Orton and the Broncos aren't expected to do much in the AFC West this year. At best, they could be third in the division behind the upstart Chiefs and the talented San Diego Chargers. If the Broncos appear destined for third in the division by the 12th or 13th game, it will be time for Tebow to take off the headset and put on the helmet.

A lot of people may not like it that he will be given a chance to play. Its obvious that John Elway and the Denver front office don't believe he's their QB for the future. The team even took an anonymous vote and said that they would like Orton to be the starter. But, the NFL is a business. Because Tim Tebow is a first round draft pick, he will be given a chance to lead this team very soon. In the NFL, teams always give chance after chance to their first round picks because of all the money invested. Besides, even though the team and front office doesn't want him to be the starter, a lot of fans do. Hopefully when Tebow is given another chance, his mechanics will be as good as his leadership.

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  1. Good article, but honestly, Tebow isn’t the best on his team yet and probably will never be as long as Orton doesn’t get traded which seems unlikely.

    • Thanks, but I’m not saying that Tebow is the best on his team. What I’m saying is that the NFL is a business and that Tebow will be given a shot if this ends up being a lost season for them. Orton’s a free agent next year and with the guaranteed money that Tebow is being given as a first round pick, he will be given every chance to be the “man” there. He may not be considered the best, but the Broncos have to see what they do or don’t have in him.

  2. Lee Love

    You said it best NFL is a business and Broncos are putting the best options on the field to win at present. Football minds in Denver have determined Tebow isn’t ready yet but I also believe he’ll get his shot which will depend on the direction the Broncos take this season.

  3. Agree, Alex Smith ring a bell?

  4. I’m not really a fan of Tebow as an NFL starter but I definitely think he deserves his chance to prove all the doubters wrong. Everyone knew he was going to be a project and I don’t think it should be a surprise that he’s not ready to start quite yet. It’ll be great for the NFL if Tim Tebow can become even close to the star player that he was at Florida

  5. 7Boss1

    In all this Tebow talk some of us have forgotten that he’s only in his 2nd year. He has some work to do but with his work ethic and desire he will one day be a starter in the NFL.

  6. Kareem Howard

    Aaron Rogers had to to sit 5 seasons behind Brett Favre before he got his chance, and now look at him. Good things come to those who wait.

  7. scotty rachel

    I feel Tebow still has alot 2 learn.1 more year as back up will b good 4 him.If the season is not going well & the Broncos r #3 or #4 in the division Tebow will get the starts he needs 2 develope further.But is Tebow the future QB 2 lead the Broncos 2 b a contender or even win a championship ? I dont think so.

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