Starting Over

The news came down recently that the Titans and coach Jeff Fisher have decided to part ways. I personally thought that Jeff Fisher was going to be the coach this year and the decisions of the Titans brass had been made. But apparently, the Titans weren't through shaking things up.

The future looks very bleak right now for an organization that currently has one QB on the roster ( Rusty Smith ), has no head coach and was pretty much awful on defense. I know that Vince Young is technically still on the roster, but that decision has been made and he will not be back despite Fisher leaving. As far as what the Titans need to do now, there's a myriad of things that need to be done.
The first thing is they need to find a coach. The options are few and far between because most coaching vacancies have been filed with viable candidates and most big-time coaches aren't interested in coming to a team that's at best a 2 or 3 year rebuilding process. But, as far as candidates are concerned, look for the Titans to go after an offensive coordinator like Marty Mornhinweg of the Philadelphia Eagles or an old familiar face in Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Either of these guys would be a good choice because they are masters at what they do. Another option right now is Titans offensive line coach Mike Munchak. Munchak is considered to be one of owner Bud Adam's favorites. The main thing that Bud will consider in whoever he hires is the money. Bud will not want to pay two coaches big money because Bud is still on the hook for Jeff Fisher's salary for next year unless they have reached some kind of agreement for Fisher to be paid out now.

The next thing that needs to be worked out is how do the Titans bolster their roster. The best way to do that is through the draft and for the Titans to do that, they need more draft picks. I was firmly against the move I'm about to say awhile ago, but after looking at the holes that the Titans have, they must trade Chris Johnson. Johnson is their most valuable piece and he would net them some solid draft picks in return to build up their team and mainly their defense.

Another move that needs to be made is the Titans definitely need to draft a QB. I'm usually the guy who never believes in drafting a QB high in the draft because a good defense and a serviceable QB can get you through, but this team needs a face and that face will be a QB in the 1st round. When the Titans draft that QB, they also need to make sure and bring in a reliable veteran to mentor the youngster as he learns the ropes. QB Kerry Collins could serve in that role or the Titans could go get a veteran that may get waived ( Denver's Kyle Orton ).

The painful truth is that the next few years will be rough for the Titans. They don't have too much of an identity on defense, they don't have an offense that's explosive and they don't have a clear-cut leader. If the Titans acquire more draft picks, draft smart and spend wisely, they will be back in the fold again sooner than later. The ball is in management's court now.

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  1. Carlos D

    The Titans will never ever trade Chris Johnson. That would be the worst move in franchise history. He is way to valuable. There is a chance Vince Young could be back depending on the next coach. Bud never wanted to part ways with Young, he was just listening to others in the organization. So I think there is a chance he could stay. The defense is not that far away, I think they are a couple d-lineman and a linebacker away from being good again. So I don’t think the team is that far away from being good again. Lastly, I think Coach Fisher is overrated! He has not really done anything w/ the franchise. He a solid coach but not a great coach.

    • I think that the Titans need many pieces and you need draft picks to get those pieces. Chris Johnson is your best piece to get those picks. This situation calls for the Titans to start over. Look at the Packers for instance. Their GM Ted Thompson got rid of their beloved Brett Farve and 3 years later they are in the Super Bowl. The more draft picks you have, the more players and people you can bring in to fill holes.

      As far as VY being back, they’ve already said he isn’t coming back. They still plan to trade or release him.

      And lastly, I think Jeff wanted to go. And I personally think he is a good coach who needs a new scene.

  2. Carlos Dowell

    Firstly, the Titans would neber trade Chris Johnson under any circumstances. He is simply to valuable to the franchise and they would risk upsetting their entire fan base. Second, I dont think the Titans are 2-3 years away. Personally, I think Vince Young will be in a Titans uniform next year. It just depends on who the next head coach. Bud never wanted to part ways with Vince in the beginning, he was just listening to evryone else in the front office. But we will see. The defense is a linebacker and a couple d-lineman away from being good again. I think that can be addressed in the draft and free agency. As far as the coach, I dont like to speculate on things like that. No one never really knows but the GM and owner what direction they are going to go with that. Fisher was an ok coach, but he is not the great coach everyone made him out to be. He didnt lose a lot, but he didnt win a lot either. His teams had progressively started doing worse the past few years. He was one of the main factors in the under development of Vince. He always wanted Collins as his starter. All of his actions proves that point. With the right choice of coach, I think the Titans could be a playoff team real soon.

    • The Titans need to follow the model of the Packers and the Patriots.

  3. James Rutherford

    I agree with you Mike the Titans are in need of a complete overhaul and like you said the best way to do that is through the draft.Vince Young needs to be traded if possible, Chris Johnson needs to be traded the is our best bargaining chip for good draft picks,not to mention he would be a waste of talent in Tennessee being the only weapon on the team.We defensive help in the worst way they were quite pitiful last year could not get of the field on third downs,the offense was also non productive,we are in immediate need of a quarterback,we need receivers that can stretch the field and only way the Titans will get what we need is through the draft.

    • The Titans can’t trade Vince Young. The reason they cannot is because every team in the NFL knows the Titans are looking to get rid of him, so why trade a pick or picks for someone they can get once the Titans release him.

  4. I know a couple of Titans fans, and they’ve been pushing for the team to fire Fisher, they haven’t been too happy with the way he’s been butting heads with players, and they didn’t like the way he handled the VY incident.

    It will be interesting to see who they get to coach this team, and if they follow through on their claims that VY is going to be shipped out.

    • Well, the head coach is the person who is the figure head and to be honest, besides VY, there wasn’t much butting heads going on. Almost all the players on the team love Fisher to be honest.

      And as far as VY coming back, I just heard the press conference and Titans brass stated that they still plan to release or trade VY. To be honest, they will release him because no one will trade for someone they can get without giving up draft picks.

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