Sports Imitating Life

Torrey Smith emotional after playingSports are a major piece of the fabric of American culture. It is hard to come by anyone these days that doesn’t watch them or hasn’t played them at some point in their life. But sports are not just a part of our culture. In many ways it mimcs the way our world runs. When you look at sports, you are looking at a microcosm of America.

Roger Goodell and David Stern are two of the most hated commissioners in the sports world. But why is that? The biggest reason is because of the controversial decisions they make. Recently, Goodell made a change in the celebration rules. Many fans were not happy with him and voiced their opinions through social media forums. But even when he makes a good decision for the game, he still catches flack. The same can be said for NBA commissioner David Stern and some of the decisions that he has and has not made. And the same thing can be said of the President of the United States. No matter who is in office someone will always be dissatisfied with their decisions. Goodell and Stern are like the president in many ways. And the NFL and NBA is the country they are running. They are in positions of power and they have what most don’t have: ultimate control. And the feelings they invoke in some are good and to others they are repulsive.

If the commissioners are the president, then the players are the representation of the people. Even though they get multi-million dollar contracts all the time, they still are separated into classes. For example, in the NBA there are upper-echelon players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant that represent the upper class. Then there are second-tier stars that represent the middle class. And then there are the guys that are making the veteran minimum that represent the lower class of the league. The people that have the most money have the most power and influence. And in life, that parallel rings true. The people with the most money are running the country while the middle class (if that is even exists anymore) and the lower class are one step away from not making it.

And as far as the owners, they are the governors and councilmen. They give their wants and needs to the commissioner, but the boss ultimately runs the show. For the most part, the owners and the commissioner are on the same page. Both seems to be an extension of each other, with the commissioner having more power than the owners in the end. But the only difference between the owners and the commissioner is that the commissioner has to manage all teams while the owner has to manage only one franchise (or two if the owner has two teams in different sports). Collectively, both owners and commissioners tend to have deeper pockets than the players do, so that and their position puts them at the head of the wheel, while they control all that happens under their watch.

With all this, where does it leave the fans? Unfortunately, we do not have a prominent role in the sports world besides paying money to watch the players do their thing on the field. In a sense, we are helpless as to what the players and the owners do. If we are comparable to anything it would be animals. We are living, breathing and active in this world, but we do not have much control over the decisions. Simple and plain, we have no power and we have to deal with whatever decisions are made. No matter how much we complain and say we are done with the system, the fans will continue to support the game.

Sports in a sense, imitates life and vice versa. It is all in the perspective of how you see it.

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  1. I like the analogy between player class (LeBron, Kobe are in upper class while Greg Steimsma anchors the lower class) and social class in America. Great read, Mike!

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