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Bengals CB Adam "Pacman" Jones has been arrested again. This time he was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest while at a bar in Cincinnati. This adds to the laundry list of things that he's done in his career. Just when you thought he was turning it around, this happens. But on a more broad issue, I believe the media has some explaining to do as well.

For years, the media has been selective about who they publicly put out there in regards to their issues or brushes with the law. And to me, that's sad. With all the news about Pacman, most have forgotten about the DUI that Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward got this weekend in Georgia. Ward's DUI was worse than Pacman's incident, in my opinion. But because Ward has no prior run-ins and is generally liked by the media , they are more prone to forget about his transgression and push it to the backburner.

It's a sad reality but the media does pick and choose who to fry publicly and who to save based on prior issues and how that person relates to the media. What the reality should be is that when someone does something, whether its their first time or not, they should receive the same amount of scrutiny that the next man does if the media is going to scrutinize anyone. Both issues with Pacman and Ward were incidents that should have gotten the same amount of attention if any attention was given in my opinion.

The media going forward should look at these instances and take the fame or the likability out of public blunders. Judge the incident for what its worth, not the person who did it.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. If you are a journalist you should not be playing favorites. ESPN played down the Ben Roethlisburger story for awhile until they just couldn’t ignore it anymore.

    If you are going to go after Pac Man Jones, you should be reporting on Hines Ward. There should be no favorites here when it comes to doing your job.

  2. Mike, great write-up! This has been going on for years, I just don’t understand how the general public just goes along with it. I don’t know what goes on in the selection process by the media when they choose who to praise(no matter what) and who to vilify. It’s sad, truly truly sad. Thanks for reminding folks of it!!

    • Thanks and no problem. I got more examples of how this happens too. This example was just the newest one on my mind.

  3. focusDallah

    So True they are full of bias flat out

  4. Couldn’t agree more Mike, the media definitley plays favorites.

  5. You shouldn’t be picking and choosing which athlete you are going to cover. You cover them all, or change your profession. You lose credibility when you are playing favorites.

  6. That’s life for ya. It’s so unfair. Steve Nash divorced his wife the day after the birth of his 3rd child and it was reported that it happened because the baby turned out to be black. Apparently both parties were cheating on each other according to the rumour. However, that rumour was completely FALSE and was made up by his publicist as a cover for the Steve Nash’s infidelity. He has been seeing a girl since July 2010 now and they are still together. The media chooses to ignore all this though because Steve Nash is one of the faces of the NBA. He is Captain Canada up North and I love the guy so it’s kind of saddening to see that he did this. It’s also saddening that very few people know the real story.

    • Chris- Wow! I didn’t know the whole background on that story. Thanks for bring that to light.

  7. Great write up like always but there is a chance Hines could be innocent as they I believe are still investigating. I am taking the side of my boy Hines (as I am a die-hard Steelers fan)

    • There may be a chance both could be innocent. They both could be guilty. But my point is the media plays favorites and that isn’t right.

  8. Great write up like always but there is a chance Hines could be innocent as they I believe are still investigating. I am taking the side of my boy Hines (as I am a die-hard Steelers fan)

  9. 7Boss1

    I think the favortism that the media shows is irritating and unfair but unfortunately its been going on for years and its not gonna change anytime soon

  10. I agree but that’s the way it is. Ward will probably not get into anymore trouble after this. Jones on the other hand….will create another story for the media so they follow him more

    • He may or may not create another story, but the media in general can be very fickle.

  11. Lee Love

    The comments made bu all are certainly true but the ugly truth is that sensationalism sells in the media and they will continue to hype that even though it’s the wrong thing to do.

    • Jim Poppe

      If Patton thinks that Hines Ward;’s dui was a serious transgression, why did he feel he would not rake Jalen Rose over the coals for his? Isn’t that the double standard he thinks the MSM is wrong for doing? But its okay for him?
      Pacman’s transgression alone is foolish and immature, taken in context with his other arrests on very serious charges, it shows a blatant disregard for society’s laws, the NFL’s rules and his lacking of any intelligent decision making. Why would this moron be in a bar at that late hour while he is bascially on probation the rest of his career because of his repeatedly stupid behavior.
      HInes Ward’s DUI is a serious chrage and he must be held accountable, but his history is not one of a habitual law breakers, has shown good character for the most part and should be given the benefit of this behaviour and given an opportunity to pay his debt to society and move on.

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