Is Sam Bradford Really An Upgrade In Minnesota?

The Minnesota Vikings were flying high coming into this season. They had a solid defense, Adrian Peterson running the football and a young quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater that some expected a big season from. But all those high hopes took a hit when Teddy Bridgewater crumbled to the crowd with a non-contract injury to his knee. The whole team fell silent while trainers tended to him. The ambulance was called and Bridgewater was taken away, signaling the end of practice. The results were a torn ACL and a dislocated of his knee, an injury that puts him out for the rest of the season. At that point, many wondered what the Vikings would do. They had a solid backup in Shaun Hill there to step in, but there was no question that many felt they had to make a move. The question was whether that move would be for a backup quarterback to Hill or a starter to compete with him on short notice. Well, the Vikings made that choice in a shocking fashion, sending a 2017 first round pick along with a fourth-round pick to the Eagles for the services of Philadephia quarterback Sam Bradford.

The biggest shocker in this trade had to be that Bradford would even been traded this late in the preseason. If he was to be traded, there were thoughts that it would happen sooner rather than later. After all, he asked for a trade when quarterback Carson Wentz was drafted second overall in the 2016 Draft. But along with that, this trade shows how desperate the Vikings were for a starting quarterback. Bridgewater is their first round pick from a couple years ago and they expect him to be back next season. In bringing in Bradford, it almost assures that he is a one-year rental for them provided Bridgewater comes back strong next season. If that is the case, they have given up two picks, including their first pick next season, to the Eagles. That is a lot to give up for a guy for one season. It is true that Minnesota may be a quarterback away from potentially making a run to the playoffs and then some, but is Sam Bradford really the guy?

Apparently the Vikings believe he is, but they may want to take a look a couple key numbers associated with the guy they just traded for. The number fourteen is one that is very important when it comes to Bradford. That is the number of interceptions he threw last season. The veteran quarterback had only nineteen touchdown passes to offset those fourteen interceptions. Sure, he probably won't have to pass the ball as much this season if he starts ( Bradford threw the football 85 more times than Bridgewater last season), but of course Teddy was better at holding on to the football.  The other number that is associated with the new Vikings quarterback is zero. Sam Bradford has been in the NFL since the 2010 season and has never been to the playoffs one time. Of course, football is a team game, but it isn't exactly like Bradford has been the beacon of hope for any team he has been on. Bridgewater, on the other hand, has helped his team make the playoffs in only two seasons. Hinging all their hopes to Bradford is something the Rams did and it did not work out for them. Heck, they even saw him tear his ACL twice (something Teddy just suffered recently) and we also saw him play and not do much in Philly as well. So with him coming to Minnesota, that does not exactly inspire the thoughts of the playoffs and Minnesota this year if Bradford starts.

The Vikings were in scramble mode and the Eagles flatout took advantage of their vulnerability. And Minnesota went for it hook, line and sinker. With Bradford now gone, the Eagles gained a first-round pick along with getting the Bradford questions out of the way for the whole season. And for the Vikings, they now will employ a guy that never lived up to any expectations that were set for him and will more than likely not live up to them in Minnesota. Hill may not be the more recognizable player than Bradford, but could have led the Vikings to the same place: the offseason.

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  1. I agree at Bradford is not the answer…not even sure he is an adequate stop gap

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