New Orleans Has Sprung A Leak

The New Orleans Saints were playing well two weeks ago. They were 4-4 just two weeks ago and were looking to make some waves in the NFC South. And with a win against the Denver Broncos, the Saints would begin to have some good momentum swinging in their favor. Things were looking good until that game against Denver. The Saints, while hosting the Broncos at home, thought they would have an advantage there in the Superdome. The offense was kicking into gear and the defense was playing better. But unfortunately, they were not able to pull off the win, as the Broncos showed some heart and toughness and took the win from the Saints. And after their loss on Thursday night to the Carolina Panthers, the excited fans of the Saints have now come back down to Earth. Now they are tied with the Panthers with a 4-6 record and looking up at the Falcons, who they would have been closer to had they won the game. The Saints were riding high and now they have come back down to Earth. But what has happened to bring them back down so fast?

One of the biggest issues the Saints have had recently is turnovers. In games that they have won, they have held on to the football or struck even in the turnover battle. But in games they have lost, they have lost the turnover battle each and every time. In the last two games, the Saints have turnover it over six times, including four times against the Denver Broncos. And in those games, the opponents they were facing made them pay for turning the football over. Going forward, the Saints have to value the football. Drew Brees has to be the future Hall Of Famer that he is and read what the defense is doing. The running backs have to hang on to the football. And the wide receivers need tuck the ball away when they are in the open field. All the turnovers the Saints have committed don't help them at all, especially since their defense is not that great. The Saints defense has hung in there for the most part the last two games, but they are not good enough there to win games with the offense having issues hanging on to the football.

But hanging on to the football isn't the only issue the Saints are having. Most of the year, the Saints have had issues running the football. And in not running the football, it has put a ton of pressure on the Saints passing game. Eventually that imbalance would catch up to them. And in their last two games, it definitely has. The Saints have run for over 100 yards in their last two games. Against the Panthers they were behind early, so that essentially negated a lot of the running game down the stretch of things. But against the Broncos, the Saints just could not get it going at all consistently there. And as a result, you have Drew Brees trying to force some things. The faults of the running game fall on two groups of people. The running backs have not exactly ran the ball with great purpose and drive at all times. But along with them not hitting open holes sometimes, there is also some issues with the offensive line. The Saints have had some injuries up front and that has affected some things with continuity. But in the end, those guys up front get paid to do a job. And whether it is a backup or a starter, the Saints offensive line unit has not got it done. So here sits a broken running game with Drew Brees left to bail them out with his arm. And that is not always a good thing.

Even with the back-to-back losses from the Saints, they are still not out of the picture. But for them to stay in the playoff hunt, this slide they are on has to end at two games. If they are able to hold on to the football and correct some of their mistakes and blown assignments in the running game, then they should be able to turn it back on and play better. But if not, then then the fall will continue for the Saints. So ultimately, the decision on where they go is up to the players and what they want to do.


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