Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks contract dilemma

Russell Wilson is not only focused on the NFL, but on getting what he feels he deserves (photo courtesy of

Russell Wilson is not only focused on the NFL, but on getting what he feels he deserves (photo courtesy of

The Seattle Seahawks have been talked about for the last few years. The team has been on top of the world the last couple of years, making the Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons, although they lost the last one in thrilling fashion versus the New England Patriots. And the great thing for Seattle fans is they have kept the nucleus of the team together for the most part. Players like safety Earl Thomas, cornerback Richard Sherman and running back Marshawn Lynch have been retained by the organization while they have continued to add pieces, with New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham being the latest edition. It seems like all is going well with the team. But then comes the issue of quarterback Russell Wilson. The former 3rd round pick out of the University of Wisconsin has been excellent running their offense since he stepped foot in camp for Seattle. And the team has mirrored the success he has had. Wilson has been a bargain for the team over the last three years and will only be making about $1.7 million next season. For a quarterback with the success he has had, he should be getting paid more. And of course he is looking around at the guys that play the position and what they are getting paid and wanting to get his piece of the pie. Many believed his contract would be already taken care of at this point. After all, he is the future face of their franchise in the eyes of some. Well, the Seahawks and their management have some different ideas apparently.

When on KIRO radio in Seattle, Seahawks general manager John Schneider had this to say on the negotiations with Wilson: “He’s our quarterback. We would love him to be our quarterback. But the thing is we need to keep as many of these guys together as we possibly can. What I can tell you is that this is the ultimate team sport. We have a track record of rewarding players that we recognize as core players.” When reading the comments of Schneider and his philosophy, it seems the Seahawks are going to do what they feel is best to keep Wilson as their starter but they will not be busting the bank to keep him. In fact, it seems like they will draw their line in the sand for what they believe he is worth and put the decision in Russell’s hands. And in that regard, Russell has again attended some things with the Rangers this offseason. Russell even had this to say in regards to baseball and football and potentially playing them both at the same time: “You never want to kill the dream of playing two sports. I would honestly play two sports.” It seems that Russell Wilson is trying to up the ante. The seriousness of him really playing two sports at the same time is not likely. Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson did so, but neither one of them was the CEO of a football team on the football field. And the idea that Wilson would be able to play quarterback and potentially play major league baseball games during the year is not really that attainable due to the fact that he is not as good a baseball player as Sanders and Jackson were. If he was, then he would probably be more clamored for in professional baseball.

So where do the Seahawks and Wilson go from here at this point? The Seahawks will more than likely allow Wilson to play out his contract this season. Depending on the season that Wilson has, he could raise his value even more to some teams that see him as a star quarterback. If that is the case, then Seattle gets into a bidding war for his services. One of two things could happen if Wilson receives a huge offer. If Seattle truly values him as a core talent and wants to pay him, then the talents that Seattle may be asked to restructure their deals in order to keep him there. If that is the case, then Seattle will be locked and loaded for a while with their pieces still intact. But the other option is Seattle could let him go to the highest bidder on the open market. Honestly, it would be very interesting if Seattle were to do that. The sting would be felt from the fans because he is beloved by the franchise. But the team would have to have a plan in place that could keep them running smoothly. Whether it be a rookie quarterback or a veteran that is ready to step in, the Seahawks would probably be replacing him with a player that does not fit as well as Wilson did. And that is something the Seahawks would have to live with going forward.

In all actuality, Wilson and the Seahawks organization fit well together. And their union has produced some great success. But then this thing called money and the other thing called compensation has to come into play and mess that rhythm up. The reality is that Wilson has been underpaid for the duration of his contract and there will be some payback in this new deal. And if Seattle does not give him the money that he requests, there will be others step up and give him what he wants in hopes he can lead them like he led the Seattle Seahawks. Only time will tell what happens here, but it seems like both Wilson and the Seahawks organization have their Poker faces on. We shall see who flinches first or if anyone flinches at all.

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  1. Byron

    Good quarterbacks are hard to find. Good leaders are one in a million. The Seahawks have both with Wilson and if he doesn’t get his worth Karma will destroy them.

    • We shall see how this plays out, but it seems like the Seahawks are preparing just in case they aren’t able to keep him

  2. It’s funny how things change after all the hoopla dies down after the Super Bowl and the playoffs are over with. Reality is starting to kick in a little bit for the Seahawks.

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