Tony Romo’s Speech Held Power

We are all aware of how Tony Romo got his position. He was an undrafted quarterback out of Eastern Illinois when he first landed in Dallas. And at that point, no one had any expectations for him. But as time went on, he eventually became the starting, knocking veteran Drew Bledsoe out of the starting position. And in his era, the Cowboys have had some exciting times and some rough times as well. The best times having been when he was a part of the Cowboys surging back to the playoffs two years ago and almost knocking off the Green Bay Packers while on the road. But the worst time, but his own admission, has been this season. Romo has been out all season with a back injury. And while he has been absent, the Cowboys have gone 8-1 on the strength of two rookies and a powerful offensive line. One of those rookies is quarterback Dak Prescott. Much like Romo, not much was expected of him this season. But when given the opportunity, Dak created a tough decision for the Cowboys. And as time as gone on, there is no question that Dak cannot be pulled out as the starter this year. But Dallas would not admit that Dak deserved the position until recently, when owner Jerry Jones said it was his position and he was the starter and that he could not pull the hot hand. At that point, all that was left was to hear from Tony Romo.

Well, Tony finally broke his silence on the quarterback issue that Jerry Jones finally put to bed. And here is what he had to say (please excuse the Voodoo doll stuff at the beginning of this video):

Romo wrote out his thoughts so that he articulated them well. And with what he said, he essentially said that he feels that he can play, but he is putting the team and Dak's play above what he wants. As you can tell, he would like to be out there playing with his teammates, but he knows that this team is rolling with Dak at the helm and he knows that he can help by offering his support to him and having his back. What Tony did in this press conference is as big as anything that can be done for this team. Romo could have ultimately came in and made things uncomfortable for everyone. He could have talked about how he is ready to play and wants to play and left things right there. If he would have been unhappy accepting his role, then that would have been something that would have adversely affected the team. And that ultimately could have thrown the momentum and comradery of their team into a little bit of a tailspin. But as a veteran, he knows what needs to be done and needs to be said. And he also knows that he could have his chance to start again, but it could be somewhere else besides Dallas.

It was not long ago that trading Tony Romo was not even a thought. In fact, there were many ready for him to take back over this team. But with the play of Dak and the speech of Romo, that now makes Tony Romo expendable. And with some teams desperate for a starting quarterback, Romo will get his chance once again. If you want to compare his situation to anything, compare it to Joe Montana. For those that don't remember, Steve Young was his backup at one point in time. Montana got hurt and then Young stepped in and played well. And once it was established that Young was going to be the next quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, the team knew that it was time to move forward. The next season, Montana was starting for the Kansas City Chiefs and leading them to the playoffs. Now we know that Steve Young was considerably older than Dak was at the time of their situation, but Romo and Montana are near the same age when he lost his starting position. And if that tells us anything, it says that Romo is still needed by someone in the NFL. Looking at teams like the New York Jets, for instance, and you could see him fitting in there seamlessly. And with the trade of Romo, the Cowboys could get a much-needed draft pick that could help them build their team more. Heck, it could garner them a pass-rusher that they need. But all in all, Romo out of the starting job does not mean his career is over. It just means that it is time for the Cowboys to move on without him.

Romo's speech was something that needed to be said. It puts to bed any thoughts of him being jealous or any thoughts of derailing the momentum they have going right now. Going forward, the Cowboys don't have to worry about any stories coming of Dak looking over his shoulder. But along with putting to bed those rumors, Romo also let it be known that he can still play and still wants to play. And that may not benefit the Cowboys right now, but it will benefit them come draft time, when they could be moving Tony to a new team. The end of the Tony Romo era is upon us. And while some will debate on what he has or has not done for the team, you cannot debate that this speech helps them move forward in more ways than one.


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