Revenge Of Troy

QB Troy Smith just had a great game Sunday vs. the St. Louis Rams. He was 17/28 for 356 yards and a touchdown in leading the 49ers to their 2nd straight win. He is finally getting his chance, but there is more to this story.

Troy was on top of the world when he was at Ohio State. He was the QB of the best team in the country and nothing could stop him, or so he thought. He played very unlike himself in the National Championship game and the Buckeyes lost to a great Florida team 41-14. From this moment on, Smith has been an underdog.

After the National Championship Game, Smith was told that he was too short to be a QB in the NFL. At 6'0" tall, teams would be taking a risk that he would even be able to see over the lineman in the NFL. He eventually was drafted in the 5th round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens. Troy immediately went to work as he beat out fellow QB Drew Olson to become the Ravens 3rd string QB. He then was bumped up to the backup spot on November 13,2007 because Kyle Boller was starting in place of and injured Steve McNair. Troy received his first regular season game action on December 9, 2007 in the 4th quarter against the Indianapolis Colts. He then got some game action the following week against replacing an injured Kyle Boller and then he was named the starter finally. He went 1-1 to finish out the season.

In 2008, Smith entered training camp with a renewed sense of energy and with his eyes on claiming the starting QB spot for the year. Things were going according to plan until Smith fell ill with what the team doctors thought was a sore throat. When he was further diagnosed, his illness was found to be a rare disease called Lemeirre's sydrome. Lemeirre's syndrome is when bacteria forms a puss and bacteria-filled abscess near the tonsils. Smith was sick for a couple weeks, lost his grip on the starting QB spot to Joe Flacco and he lost 20 pounds as well. Smith would never regain the starting spot again because of the way Joe Flacco played.

Smith was a backup for the Ravens for 2008 and 2009. He was even inactive for some games as well. This year, the Ravens brought in veteran QB Marc Bulger from the Rams to be the backup to Flacco. This decision left Smith as the 3rd QB again. Smith had decided that his time was over there and he asked for his release during the pre-season. He was eventually released and signed by the San Francisco 49ers.

Smith was the 3rd string QB for the 49ers for the beginning of the season. Then, just like in Baltimore, the starting QB got hurt again. Alex Smith sustained a shoulder injury against the Panthers in Week 7 and backup David Carr was inserted into the game. The 49ers lost that game and Head Coach Mike Singletary wasn't happy with how his backup played. He felt his team needed a spark. And just like that, Singletary made the decision to start Troy in the team's next game. Troy has since led the 49ers to two straight victories and the 49ers are looking better than they have in a few years on offense. Troy never believed the doubters who said he couldn't make it in the league. Looks like Troy's getting the last laugh.

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