The worst quarterback situation in the NFL

The regular season is getting ready to kick off and every team has named their starter at quarterback or has a good idea who it will be. The Browns have some questions when it comes to fans, but it will more than likely be Tyrod Taylor at quarterback for them. The Bucs have Ryan Fitzpatrick starting because Jameis Winston is suspended for the first three games of the season. Then you have the situation with the Buffalo Bills. They brought in former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron to compete for the starting job along with drafting quarterback Josh Allen in the first round of this year's draft. These two along with Nathan Peterman means there was a three-way competition for the quarterback spot in Buffalo. It was thought that McCarron would be the guy, but he got traded recently to the Oakland Raiders leading to the team naming Nathan Peterman as the starting quarterback for Buffalo. The fact the Buffalo Bills named Peterman the starting quarterback over all the other options they had means only one thing: they have the worst quarterback situation in the NFL.

Peterman as the starter in Week 1 does not scare the Ravens very much. In all honesty, they probably are happy to see him starting. For those that don't remember, Peterman did not make it through the first start last season when the Bills inexplicably benched Tyrod Taylor in favor of Peterman. Then a rookie, Peterman looked shook as he came in a promptly gave away the game. He ended up throwing five interceptions in that first start against the Los Angeles Chargers and that loss almost cost the Bills the playoffs. Taylor would come in to relieve Peterman in that start in the second half but the damage was already done. If that one start was enough to instill confidence in the coaching staff that Peterman is the guy to start, then best wishes to them. Hopefully for the Bills, Peterman is better than he was last year. He has to read defenses better and react better to things going on around him. If he does not, then we could see some things reminiscent of last season all over again and that would not make Bills fans happy.

The Bills are hoping Peterman succeeds, but in the event he does not, the Bills will have no other choice than to go with rookie Josh Allen. The former University of Wyoming quarterback was considered a physical freak of nature by some with his size and his strong arm. Some analysts even thought he may become the starter early on for Buffalo based on where they picked him and what their quarterback situation was. Based on where he is now, the consensus is he is not ready. Taking a look at his preseason action, he definitely showed he had some growing up to do. On a short pass to the flat, he fired the football out like a cannon to his receiver. The ball got there, but the issue is it got there too high and too hot. The football ended up sailing right over the head of the receiver and to the sideline. In another instance, he threw one pass and it was nowhere near where the read was, falling to the ground. Allen has to learn how to translate his game to the NFL level and so far, it seems like he is not ready to make that happen.

Peterman and his 49% completion percentage can lead the charge and if he isn't able, Allen and his inexperience will lead the team. Forrest Gump once said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get." This line is exactly what the Bills fans and team have to be thinking when it comes to their quarterback position. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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