The All-Star Dance Contest

New Edition was loved by many back in the 1980's and 90's. In fact, they are still loved by many to this day. They have memorable songs that millions still sing at times like they are brand new. Those great songs sold millions of records across the world and made them living legends. But along with the music, there is also the choreographed dances that they had in just about every video in the early days. The choreography was directed by a man that they trusted. Brooke Payne was the first guy to make New Edition magical with their dance moves along with being their first manager. He accepted nothing but the best when he first took them on and he was a key piece in helping them propel to superstardom at a young age. The choreography was huge part of their success. But unfortunately for the NFL, choreography is not something that is amusing to many fans.

The NFL's Pro Bowl was invented as a way to reward players for special seasons. Every single year, teams would fly players out to Hawaii and allow them to enjoy the fun in the sun while playing a game for fans to see their favorite players. For a while, the Pro Bowl was a place where players loved to go to. But as time as went on, it has turned into a place where you don't get to see the best players anymore. Along with switching locations this season (the game is in Orlando, Florida this time around), there has also been a rotating cast of players. If you look at the rosters this season, there are many that have stepped in as subs for players that were originally selected for this team. With many reasons from injuries to playing in the Super Bowl, there are players that don't want to play in the game. Along with players that don't want to play in the game, the players that do play in it seem to have some unwritten rules that go along with the game. One of those has to be a limit on contact. Now not wanting to get hurt is fine, but some of this tackling in the Pro Bowl reminds me of my days when I played flag football and that is not a good thing. Overall, the experience of watching the game with not much to play for and guys not wanting to get injured does not capture the imaginations of many that live for NFL football on Sunday.

With the general jokingly stance that many fans take in regards to the Pro Bowl, there is only one option that the NFL can do. There may be some players that have bonuses that are tied to the Pro Bowl and if they play in it. But with that being said, there is really no need for the Pro Bowl anymore. The excitement is not there as much as it used to be. Along with that, there are too many players that are afraid they will be the next Robert Edwards or Tyler Eifert and get injured in the Pro Bowl activities. The elimination of the Pro Bowl would be something that really would not bother many fans. Sure, many get to see professional football players, but is it really worth it to do this and only get to see players halfway play in a game that does not accurately simulate football? For many, that answer will more than likely be no. With the Pro Bowl gone away, there will be no calls to bring it back from fans more than likely and there will certainly not be many calls for it to come back from the players. They already have put their all into their seasons and want to take a vacation before beginning to train for the next season begins.

New Edition was excellent with from Candy Girl, Mr. Telephone Man and countless other hits that focused on the singing along with the choreography they were taught from Brooke Payne. But unfortunately, not all choreographed things go over well. The Pro Bowl is all but a glorified dance routine these days, complete with signature dances in the endzone and ballet-style moves while avoiding contact from the offense and defense. The time has come to bring this one to an end. It provides an alternate universe of what football really is and the NFL could do without it. When it comes to the NFL Pro Bowl, they can Count Me Out. I'm not Lost In Love with the Pro Bowl. And let's be honest. Bobby, Ricky, Ronnie, Ralph and Mike (and Johnny when he got in the group) have better dance moves anyway.

New Edition Count Me Out

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