Slam the brakes on the preseason panic NFL fans

The NFL preseason is getting ready to come to a close already. Like the regular season, there will be some good play and some bad play. The good play is usually blown off because it's the preseason and not everyone is playing. Some of the bad play gets the same reasoning, however there are some NFL fans that go overboard in their reactions in a negative way. Some fans who take the preseason too literally. For example, if their teams get blown out, then they tend to lose it. They tend to think this will be a symptom of what the season will entail. Right now, there are some factions of fans that support the Dolphins, Cowboys, Eagles, Falcons, Seahawks and Titans that are losing it. They see their teams not winning preseason games and are wondering what is going on and when it will stop. Well for those fans, they need not get caught up in the preseason results when it come to the scoreboard.

The NFL preseason is essentially a four-week tryout and a big practice all wrapped up in four games that fans watch on television or in person. The NFL gives you the feeling that football is back, but what they are really giving you is a substandard product compared to what you will see when the regular season starts. Those fans that get wrapped up in the score and see their teams losing aren't really paying attention to what these games are used for. They aren't used to win games, but they are used to evaluate talent. A perfect example of why it isn't used to win games and predict future success are the 2008 Detroit Lions. The Lions won all four preseason games and people were getting excited over the prospects of the Lions finally breaking through and being a team to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, the Lions were too busy winning with their fourth and fifth-string players instead of evaluating talent. The Lions would go 0-16 that season, making them quite possibly one of the worst teams in NFL history.

After hearing that, I bet some NFL fans finally took a giant sigh of relief. If that does not make them feel any better, than let's take a look at some NFL champions and how they did in the preseason. Check these records: 2-2 (Philadelphia Eagles 2018), 3-1 (New England Patriots), 3-1 (Denver Broncos), 2-2 (New England Patriots), 4-0 (Seattle Seahawks), 2-2 (Baltimore Ravens), 2-2 (New York Giants), 2-2 (Green Bay Packers). All eight of the last Super Bowl champions did not set the world on fire during the preseason. Sure, some went undefeated and others lost only one game, but there were also some that went .500 and there aren't a ton of teams that make the playoffs with a .500 record. The main thing that matters is a team being healthy at the right time and figuring out what pieces fit where despite the preseason losses. Once that is figured out, then you know what your team is and what they can accomplish.

The feeling some NFL fans get with the preseason scores is too serious in tone sometimes. Maybe those who are getting all tense about these practice losses need to watch Allen Iverson a few times because we are "talking about practice. Not a game. Practice." With that being said, relax folks and watch the depth development and technique. That will tell you more than the actual score in preseason.

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