Preseason Football Isn’t Going Anywhere

Maurkice Pouncey went down with an injury that will affect the Steelers this season. (photo courtesy of Jason Bridge/USA Today Sports)

Maurkice Pouncey went down with an injury that will affect the Steelers this season. (photo courtesy of Jason Bridge/USA Today Sports)

The NFL preseason is halfway through all teams so far. And with that, there have been players that have helped themselves to make teams and others that have hurt their chances. Along with that, there have been fans that have been excited to see their teams on the field. But lost in that excitement has been the injuries that some teams have had to experience. The most recent injuries were to Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson and Pittsburgh Steelers center Maukice Pouncey. Nelson suffered a non-contract injury to his knee. The result is a torn ACL that will cost him his entire 2015 season. And with Pouncey, he got rolled up from behind and injured his ankle. He will likely need surgery and will miss a significant portion of time. The result of these latest injuries have some wondering about the preseason. There have been many on social media calling for the preseason to be terminated. Many think that will solve the early-injury bug. But for those that are calling for the preseason to end, the NFL does not hear you. The preseason will never stop being here.

Some don’t want to hear that statement but it is the truth. The preseason has been around as long as many can remember and will continue to be around. The money is something that is too good to pass up. Many fans may notice that when they purchase season tickets, that means they are also paying the full price for preseason games. And along with the fans that are paying for season tickets, there are other casual fans that will be in the stadiums watching the third, fourth and fifth-string players run around just like they were watching the starters. Essentially, instead of teams having eight home games, they have ten. And the more home games they have, the more money goes to the teams and the NFL in terms of merchandise sold and concessions. If folks have been paying attention to the NFL, they operate more for the love of money more than for the love of the game. Any chance they get to make a little more money at the expense of fans and players, they will do so. Sure, it hurts teams when players get injured in these games and the prices are too high to attend these games, but the money is something the NFL cannot pass up. And as long as people are paying, the NFL is not going to turn down the money.

But the love of money is not the only reason for the NFL preseason. A lot of times, we see a lot of players play in the preseason and do things that no one thought they could do. As a result, some unexpected players end up making it on the opening day roster. By cutting the preseason, it could take away the evaluation period to coaches in a sense. Essentially the only time the coaches would have to evaluate players would be in scrimmages against themselves and in practices. Going against the same person everyday isn’t exactly the best way to evaluate someone. You need to see how certain players play against an opponent when put in certain situations. Also, with no preseason, you may want to take a glimpse into what you could see. Imagine more penalties, sloppy football and less scoring for the first two to three weeks of the season. In a game that counts, it would be terrible to watch teams make blunder after blunder. The preseason allows the players to straighten out a few things before the season gets started. And if the preseason was cancelled, there would be many fans wanting their money back for the sloppy presentation they just witnessed.

The preseason is four games right now and admittedly needs to be shortened. Two games seems like it would be long enough for a preseason schedule. But to think the preseason is going anywhere is absurd. There is no way the NFL is going to start turning down the money it generates despite the injuries that seem to happen every year. There will be preseason football and it will be here for a long time.

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