Ryan And Robinson: Reunited

Peaches and Herb were an interesting combination. What made the combination so interesting is that it went through many changes of the women that played "Peaches". The orginal "Peaches" was Francine Day. Herb Fame (the Herb part of the duo) and Day formed the original Peaches and Herb in 1966 and did two albums together before Day decided to leave because of the grueling touring schedule. From there, Herb would look for his "Peaches" until he found the right one on the second try to replace the original "Peaches". The third installment of "Peaches", Linda Greene, would form with Fame and make the most successful edition of Peaches and Herb. One of their most successful songs during Greene and Fame era was "Reunited". Everyone remembers them singing the chorus "Reunited and it feels so good.". That record would go on to be triple platinum, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B charts in 1979. Unfortunately, Fame has had a total of seven women play "Peaches"  over the year while he continues to sing on as Herb. Much like Peaches and Herb, Logan Ryan and Titans general manager Jon Robinson are connected once again. The Titans needed some help and Robinson figured he would get someone that he was familiar with.

The connection between Ryan and Robinson started before Ryan was even in the NFL. Ryan entered the NFL Draft after a successful three years at Rutgers where he garnered First Team All-Big East and First Team All-American honors back in 2012. But even with those kinds of accolades, Ryan was not sure where he was going to land in the NFL. Meanwhile, Jon Robinson was entering his third season as the director of college scouting for the New England Patriots. As the usual mode of operation, Robinson was working in connection with Bill Belichick to get the best picks for what they had. At this point, neither knew that they would be in each other's presence?  The Patriots liked the talented corner and wanted to add him to their team if they got the chance. Well, that chance happened when Ryan fell to the Patriots in the third round with the 83rd overall pick. From there, Ryan began to make some things happen. He had five interceptions in his first season with the Patriots and has collected 13 over his four years there. This type of production in the interception department as well as him becoming a solid starting cornerback there for Bill Belichick made him one highly-sought defensive back in this year's free agency class. There was one guy that did not forget what he saw in Ryan. His name was Jon Robinson. Now the Titans general manager, Robinson reached out to Ryan to see if he wanted to reconnected with him. Ryan agreed to and signed the three-year, $30 million offer ($16 million guaranteed) from the Titans and now these two are reunited five years later.

The Titans were starved for a next-level cornerback. Last season, they struggled in that area. They had cornerbacks that could not consistently cover and they also had guys that you were not sure what you were getting everytime. That lack of consistency with their cornerbacks cost them last season. With the addition of Ryan, the Titans now have a guy that can be depended on. His coverage ability as well as sure tackling should be an immediate upgrade over what the Titans had last season. Along with the coverage ability and sure tackling, the ability for him to translate to the Tennessee defense should be seamless. While some of the terminology may be different for Ryan, the Titans need not be worried about the transition of Ryan to the Titans. The reason for no worry there is because of the defense that he leaves behind in New England. For anyone that knows, the Patriots have shown all kinds of different looks that require the Patriots secondary to play a multitude of different coverages. That should more than prepare him for where he is playing this upcoming season.

The Titans went into this offseason with an objective and they definitely achieved it with the addition of Ryan back there. Who would know that a connection that Ryan and Jon Robinson made back in 2012 would pay dividends for the Tennessee Titans five years later? Well, the connection brought Ryan here and the Titans are again looking to make the playoffs. Those chances look a little bit better now.

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