Reviewing the landscape for Philip Rivers

The veteran quarterback market in the NFL has been dominated by Tom Brady. While everyone is thinking where he is going, there is another free agent veteran quarterback out there that's looking for a new team and his name is Philip Rivers. The Los Angeles Chargers announced that both them and Rivers would not be pairing next season after it was made public knowledge that Rivers had moved his family to Florida. So what is there to make of the potential choices Rivers could make?

Decision time is coming for Rivers.

One team that has been mentioned with Rivers a lot this offseason is the Indianapolis Colts. They weren't the best defensively this past season and offensively, they seemed to struggle at times. The offense obviously needs more weapons and with the addition of a wide receiver, they could be good with Brissett at the helm. But with the rumors of Rivers getting louder and louder, the word is the Colts are not sold on Brissett as the franchise quarterback. With the addition of Rivers offensively, they get a veteran quarterback that has shown to have moments in the NFL of greatness. However, can bringing in Rivers over Brissett really be considered an upgrade at the quarterback position? When you look at Rivers' numbers versus Brissett's numbers (23 touchdowns vs Brissett's 18 touchdowns, 20 interceptions vs Brissett's 6 interceptions, and 66.0 completion percentage versus Brissett's 60.8 completion rate), it doesn't look like Rivers would statically make them better, especially with not as many weapons as they currently stand as a team and with Rivers seemingly on the downside of his career.

Could Frank Reich sideline Jacoby Brissett in Indy in favor of Rivers?

The Colts, like the Bucs, have a defense that has some issues and for them, their focus should be on fixing the defense. With Jameis Winston throwing 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions though, they would actually upgrade with Rivers there instead. And with Chris Godwin on one side and Mike Evans on the other side, the Bucs would give Rivers the best duo of wide receivers he has ever had. The questions comes with Winston and the rest of the team. Does Tampa give up on Winston despite what seems like confidence to bring him back? And does Tampa pay Rivers and have enough money to upgrade that defense and sign back Shaq Barrett? We shall indeed see, but it would be a good fit for Rivers.

Could Bruce Arians bring in the vet Rivers to replace Jameis Winston?

While the Colts and Bucs seem like options, there is also one other option staring Rivers in the face: retirement. It has not really been mentioned by anyone, but what if he isn't comfortable in either Indy, Tampa Bay or any team that is interested in bringing him in? If that is the case, could he be satisfied with his career ending the way it did? Seeing the competitive spirit Rivers plays with, it would be hard to see him retiring in this way with one of his worst years in the NFL, but you never know. No one knows what is going through his mind right now.

Eventually we will get a decision from Rivers as to what he wants to do, but for right now, the waiting game is where everyone sits while a decision is made.

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