Peyton’s Cleared To Play: What’s Next?

The news is in!! Colts QB Peyton Manning has been cleared to play by doctors. Manning still has some work to do to get ready, but all indications are is he going to give all he has to make it back, although there hasn't been a definite return day set. So now the question comes: If he's not in Indianapolis (which he probably won't be), where does this future Hall-Of-Famer go? In my estimation, three teams could be in the running for Peyton, assuming he is able to get healthy enough to play.

The first team that should take a look at Peyton is the New York Jets. The last few seasons the Jets have been led by Mark Sanchez at quarterback. No offense to Sanchez, but he isn't the most consistent quarterback when it comes to making clutch plays. Also, with Sanchez, the Jets weren't exactly a team that could come back from deficits at all. If you plug Peyton Manning in that offense, then maybe the Jets are more consistent offensively and win 10-12 games. And maybe wide receiver Santonio Holmes and tight end Dustin Keller would be used more as well. You add that to head coach Rex Ryan's expertise on defense and you would have a potential Super Bowl contender.

The next team that could be in the running for Manning would be the Miami Dolphins. This franchise hasn't had a great quarterback since Dan Marino. What better quarterback to start the Joe Philbin era than Peyton? It sure beats the alternatives that are out there if Peyton is healthy (Matt Flynn, Kyle Orton). Manning would have some nice weapons to throw to with wide receiver Brandon Marshall, tight end Anthony Fasano and he would be electric with slot receiver Davone Bess. All these guys to go with Reggie Bush and the Miami offense would be pretty dangerous.

The last and final team I could see making a run at Peyton if he's healthy is the San Francisco 49ers. The 9ers had a great defense, but they just lacked some punch offensively. Alex Smith played great this season and I believe it's a long shot that San Francisco pursues Manning, but why not take a look? The addition of Manning to go along with a wide receiver would make the 49ers. A serious contender again in the NFC.

Manning has a long way to go in his rehab. He still has to strengthen his arm and get some nerves to regenerate in his arm. Also, when picking up Peyton, you also have to assume the risk of him potentially going down again with an injury. But Peyton's story reminds me of another great quarterback, Joe Montana. People thought Joe Montana was done and apparently, so did the 49ers. They let him go and he turned around and went to the Kansas City Chiefs and led them into the playoffs. Maybe it's Peyton's turn to have his Joe Montana moment. But instead of finishing with a loss in the playoffs, maybe Manning could finish holding the Lombardi trophy.


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  1. Shark

    JETS. We need someone to show Sanchize what it really is. We’ve done it his way 3 years and this year was a really down year. Cut bait and draft a new QB because 18 has about 2 years left. Maybe Landry Jones will be there for the Jets in 2013 draft because M Barkley will be gone for sure.

    • I agree that it’s time to move on from Sanchez and draft a young QB to go behind Peyton if they get him, but I don’t know if Landry Jones is that guy though.

  2. DallahSmith

    Peyton Manning is Back to Hunt NFL Defenses the Only4time NFL MVP will be Hungry Hungry Hungry to get in the FilmRoom yes I said FilmRoom the Rehab of the Body Peyton Will Get Done But MyGuy Peyton Loves the FilmRoom to Produce Sunday Success He is a Master Mind the Redskins/Jets/Cards/Cowboys/Broncos/Browns/Jags/Vikings/Should all be thinking about PeytonManning as the Head of Team

    • Jags, Vikings and Cardinals will not be in the hunt to get him and neither will the Broncos. The Jags and Vikings have young QBs they spent first round picks on and they want to move in that direction. The Cardinals spent big money on QB Kevin Kolb last year and I seriously doubt they pay two QBs big guaranteed salaries. Also, the Broncos are in their Tebow phase and any veteran QB they bring in will be to compete with Tebow, not take the spot outright. As far as the Browns, I don’t think Peyton would go there simply because he has no chance to win big there. The Cowboys have Tony Romo and they aren’t ready to give up on him just yet. The Redskins could potentially be a player in the Manning sweepstakes, but I doubt they will make it happen.

  3. I think that the Cardinals would be A great fit. Remember when Kurt Warner went to the Super Bowl with them at the end of his career? Peyton may very well do the same, especially when he has Fitzgerald to throw to.

    • I doubt this happen due to the fact they guaranteed Kevin Kolb so much money last year. I don’t think they would pay two QBs that much guaranteed money.

  4. Kareem Howard

    This is one of the biggest topics here in the Vally. People here really think he’s going to be a cardinal but with Fitzgerald’s big contract, I do see how they can afford him.

    • Add Kolb’s deal to that and there’s no room for the amount of money he will more than likely want.

  5. Andrew

    Mike, great work as always. You said “no offense to Sanchez” I am guessing no pun intended. I don’t think Peyton and Harbaugh could co-exist in San Fran. Both are highly competitive and both would want full control of the offense so I don’t see them even looking at Peyton. Harbaugh seems to enjoy having Alex Smith who he can still teach/mold in to the QB he wants. As far as the Jets and Miami go the Jets do have Sanchez and ole Rexy boy would not be the most important person coming to the podium any more and we all know how much Rex Ryan loves the spot light. So Miami it is. They have not won a lot of games recently but they were very close in 90% of them. They may be the team that is truly 1 person away from a 12 win season.

    • San Fran is a long shot out of these three, but I wouldn’t put it past San Fran to get him. Above all things, Harbaugh wants to win. And as far as Miami, he would give that offense their best quarterback since Dan Marino.

  6. I think the favorite would be Arizona, still not sold on him being healthy though. He’s had a great career and it’s a pretty significant injury, don’t know if it’s worth it in the end. I don’t think our 49ers would consider it though. Great work as always Mike!

    • I wouldn’t put it past the 49ers, but I don’t think Arizona has a shot with all the cap they have tied up in QB Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald. And thanks for reading man!

  7. Jermonde

    I actually like Manning out there in the Bay. Defense much better than the Jets and we all know he’ll make those wideouts twice as good. I think that’s he’s best beat to win it all now, but would love to see him play with Larry Fitz.. Good work Mike.

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