No Love

Donovan McNabb makes his return to Philadelphia tomorrow as a visitor for the first time. A lot of focus has been on whether he will receive cheers or boos. Well, I think that there will be no love shown.

Donovan McNabb was drafted 2nd overall in the 1999 draft. This is when the disdain for him begin. The Eagles fans booed him unmercifully. The Eagles fans wanted Ricky Williams, not Donovan McNabb. McNabb blocked that out as he stepped into a Eagles franchise that had hit rock bottom. Gone were the days of Ron Jaworski. The team's quarterback situation was in a terrible state and the team had become a laughing stock in the league. Then, when Andy Reid made the decision to finally insert McNabb into the starting lineup, the fortune of the team started to change. Philadelphians started to change their tune and started to cheer for McNabb. He led the Eagles organization to 5 NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl appearance. And then, in a flash, he went from being the object of love to the object of disdain again.

Eagles fan started to grow tired of McNabb and his inability to win the big game last year. A lot of the fans started calling for him to be benched and for Kolb to start. That's when you knew the end was near for him in Philly.

In the 2010 off-season, the Eagles signed McNabb's backup, Kevin Kolb to a 2 year extension worth $10 million per year and retained the rights to Michael Vick, whom McNabb helped get back in the NFL. Then, the big news dropped. McNabb had been traded to the Redskins. The Eagles thought so less of him that they traded him within the division. A lot of Eagles fans jumped with joy, knowing that what they thought was a big failure of a quarterback was gone.

So, now McNabb is returning to Philly as a visitor. I expect Philly to boo him. The way Philly fans see it, he was a good quarterback, but he got too much credit and he didn't win the big game. But, little do they realize that they had one of the best quarterbacks in the game who saved the franchise. They should cheer him for that, but again, this is the same city who booed Santa Claus, so I expect boos to reign supreme. No love for one of Philly's all-time greatest players.

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